End Discrimination at the Royal Parks

by Cathal, Charlie, Debbie, Orlaith, Paulette, Sharon and Tracy in London, England, United Kingdom

End Discrimination at the Royal Parks
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On 19th September 2021 we successfully raised £9,047 with 142 supporters in 56 days

We are crowdfunding for Just Ask Estates Service Ltd workers’ strike fund.

by Cathal, Charlie, Debbie, Orlaith, Paulette, Sharon and Tracy in London, England, United Kingdom

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PCS L&SE Regional Committee 15th September 2021

Colleagues, support and solidarity on behalf of the Trades Union Congress London, East and South East region for your action in support of your basic rights at Royal Parks. All workers should be entitled to be treated with equality and respect. Standing up to two tier systems, where some of you are receiving totally inferior terms and conditions despite carrying out the same or similar roles as directly employed colleagues is the right thing to do, although it is never an easy decision to take industrial action, fighting back against outsourcing and insecure work is necessary. We will continue to publicise you action and encourage support, including donations to your strike fund, from across the wider movement.

PCS L&SE Regional Committee 15th September 2021

The London and South East Region Committee express our full support and solidarity to the PCS and UVW members taking industrial action. We join with you in demanding job security, and parity with the pay and terms and conditions of directly employed staff working for the Royal Parks. Increasingly, we are seeing employers operating a two-tier workforce whereby workers are expected to accept worse pay, terms, and conditions for doing the same job alongside directly employed workers. The Committee calls for the equal treatment of all Royal Parks staff and gives our respect and solidarity to all fighting this injustice.

Lauren Hennessy 31st August 2021

Thank you to the Royal Parks' outsourced workers for their crucial role in maintaining green spaces and keeping them safe during the pandemic. Those workers deserve the same conditions as staff directly employed by Royal Parks. In solidarity, Lauren and Christopher

Gonul Ekmekci 25th August 2021

Unity is a must for the workers to achieve fair pay! As park users we should stand by them! There must be millions of us who benefit from their role in the parks.

PCS Ofgem 19th August 2021

Solidarity from the PCS Ofgem branch. It is unacceptable that the Royal Parks have a two-tiered workforce with outsourced staff fobbed off with worse pay, terms and conditions. We support your valiant struggle, and dearly hope you will win, and win quickly.

PCS BEIS London and South Branch 19th August 2021

We extend our very best wishes and solidarity from all members of the BEIS London and South PCS Union Branch. It is inspiring to see your two unions standing so strong together to end the discrimination of a two-tiered workforce: it’s unacceptable that outsourced workers should have worse terms and conditions than their colleagues, especially when these staff have often performed vital roles during this pandemic. So, it’s great news to see more outsourced workers in Government standing up for adequate pay and working conditions. The Government says they want decent work for everyone but in their own departments and agencies allows for low pay and inadequate terms and conditions – we should be holding them to account! And we achieve success when we stand together. To that end, on behalf of the BEIS London and South Branch, we have donated £250 to your strike fund.

kev-t 18th August 2021

Tourism is the life blood of London. Respect and thanks for all your hard work and dedication in keeping our parks safe and clean. Solidarity

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