ENCANTARIAS Capoeira Album

by Carlo Alexandre Teixeira in Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom

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ENCANTARIAS will a capoeira album inspired on Brazil's indigenous and mestizo culture, bringing this universe closer to the general public.

by Carlo Alexandre Teixeira in Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom

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What is this project about?

"We need to reforest our minds"
Samela Sateré Mawé
Brazil Climate Summit 2022, New York

It gives me great pleasure to present the ENCANTARIAS project to all of you. This will be my 9th capoeira album. Production will take place from 7 September 2023 to January/February 2024 and you are invited to participate as partners in this artistic and creative journey.

This album completes a trilogy that began with the albums Tekó Porã (2020), followed by História de Plantas (2021), both celebrating the ancestral knowledge of indigenous peoples and their ecosystems. The name of the work refers to the rich variety of myths and traditions of the caboclo (mestizo) and indigenous peoples of Brazil.

ENCANTARIAS will be a musical piece about a culture in permanent symbiosis with the Brazilian biological diversity, bringing this universe even closer to capoeiristas and the general public.

In short, we will celebrate the "enchanted beings" of Brazil, the encantados. In the Brazilian popular imagination, they are for example the spirit of the jaguar and the big snake, the warrior Indians and the enchanted shamans, the caboclas Mayra, Jacira, Jupira, Iracema, Jurema, and the pink dolphin and many other beings of Brazilian mythology. It is believed that they exist in the waters and in the woods, that they never really had a concrete existence, that they have always lived in enchantments.

These spiritual beings remind humans to respect the forests and hinterlands, rivers and mangroves, canyons and plateaus, trees, lagoons, streams and all animals. They protect the ecosystems on which our survival depends.

When these magical entities are enchant to take part in the Amerindian and Afro-Brazilian festivals and ceremonies, such as the Fulni-ô Toré, the Bumba-Meu-Boi, the Catimbó, the Pajelança, the Maracatu, the Umbanda, the Jurema or the Pankararu peoples and their magical entities of the drylands, they are actually taking care of the planet. This is how forest peoples and their enchanted beings work to protect the planet.

1693938692_screenshot_2023-09-05_at_19.33.33.pngPankararu people ceremony, Pernambuco State of Brazil

By shifting the Amazon rainforest to the centre of our artistic reflections, we are bringing the concept of global centrality to the biomes of the Amazon. As if the heart of the planet started beating from its largest green area - a political and artistic strategy to nourish the world with ideas and knowledge coming from the forests - drawing attention to what is happening in the most important part of this body, inverting global values and perspectives. The forest is the centre! 

Come with us, and let's be enchanted together!

I ask you now to access my albums on the Bandcamp platform to know more about my work through the 8 albums and singles already released. Click on the titles below: História de Plantas, Tekó Porã, Guarnicê, Memorial, Contragolpe, Contragolpe Instrumental, Sabotagem e Guarnicê Remix.



Why is this project important?

Encantarias is inspired by the knowledge of indigenous peoples. It gains relevance by sharing a non-utilitarian vision of nature and a less individualistic life in society. All of this is even more important given the commitment of millions of Brazilians to the current national reconstruction project promised by the current government. The protection of our ecosystems is a big part of it and it is urgent after the catastrophic mandate of the last president. The global community has a unique opportunity to protect the forests with the prospect of a Brazilian ecological government, committed to the indigenous causes of the Amazon in particular.

he Brazilian Congress is currently voting on the Marco Temporal (Temporal Framework). This is an anti-indigenous, anti-democratic and unconstitutional thesis that abolishes a fundamental right of indigenous peoples: the right to land. Created by ruralists to exploit traditional territories, the Marco Temporal makes the demarcation of Indigenous lands unfeasible and puts the lives that live on them at risk. This is something we need to talk about now in Brazil and worldwide: the protection of indigenous peoples and their lands is also about our survival.

Recently, indigenous leader Sônia Guajajara, in her inauguration speech as Minister of Indigenous Peoples, focused on the valorisation of ancestry. She even said that "the future of the planet is ancestral". On the same day she announced the re-creation of the National Council for Indigenous Policy, which had been abolished by the previous government.

At another point, she said: "I dare say, without any exaggeration, that many indigenous peoples are living a real humanitarian crisis in our country". Her account shed light on the dangers threatening the Amazon, as well as the Cerrado (savannah), the Mata Atlantica Forest (litoral forest) and the Pantanal (wetlands). A few days later, the current government declared a state of public health emergency for the Yanomami people. Months later, the illegal mining operations that poisoned the waters, the land, the fish and the indigenous people have mostly been removed from Yanomami lands. In April 2023, during COP27 in Egypt, President Lula committed the world to putting Brazil on the path to zero deforestation in the Amazon by 2030.

By confirming the resumption of Brazil's official commitments to the planet's ecology, I renew my determination to ally myself with the struggle of forest peoples to protect our biomes, through the ENCANTARIAS album project.

Nothing written above is new. The aggressors are old acquaintances: large logging companies, hydroelectric dams, illegal mining, agribusiness, drug and animal traffickers. These activities use chainsaws, tractors, lorries, agrochemicals, mercury and often employ violent, heavily armed militias. All of this has systematically destroyed the ecology of these regions and all who inhabit them, bringing disease, destruction and death. But this destructive system extends beyond Brazil, through the international markets that finance and supply this same destruction.

The beginning of my engagement with that cause began in 2019 when I attended the Flourishing Diversity: Learning from Indigenous Wisdom Traditions conference at UCL in London. There, I listened to the lectures of 30 indigenous representatives who came from different parts of the world that stimulated me to address ecological issues.

From that same year I recorded Tekó Porã and Guarnicê released in 2020, at the beginning of the Pandemic. In 2021 it was the turn of History of Plantas.


Album Tekó Porã & Guarnicê Recording, London 2019


Album ContraGolpe recording, London 2018



The field research to investigate the musicality and subjectivities of the theme will be carried out over two weeks in the state of Maranhão, especially in its capital, São Luís, and in Codó. Plus a week in the state of Pernambuco with the Pankararu indigenous groups. The city of Codó, 300 kilometres from São Luís, is considered the capital of "Encantarias" in Brazil.

The rich diversity of this region's culture is unique in Brazil and has a close relationship with Indigenous and African-Brazilian spiritual entities.

Mestre Sergio (Tambor de Criola)

 Sergio Costa* (Tambor de Crioula do Maranhão)
Our host for the field research in Maranhão


* Sergio Costa is a direct disciple of well-known Mestre Felipe and the drummer of the group he created: Mestre Felipe's group.

P.S. You will be very welcome to take part in some LIVE activities that I will be organising with cultural agents and producers in Maranhão during my field research. I would be delighted to introduce you to the tradition of the "Tambor de Crioula".


NOTE: this is the beautiful book of photos and texts created at the Roda do Cais do Valongo - rare, impactful and produced from inside of a Roda de Capoeira. There are only 20 copies for the Pantanal reward and 2 for the Cerrado reward, so hurry!



We like to DREAM BIG! So if we fundraise more than the budget for the album, we would love to produce a music video with one of their songs. The video will be co-created with students from the "Escola de Capoeira Angola Criação" in São Luís do Maranhão. This is the same community project that will receive a percentage of the profits from the sale of the album (15% of each unit that is sold). We've turned dreams into reality in the past. Take a look at the music videos we produced for the Guarnicê and Tekó Porã albums.


Testemonials from previous album Tekó Porã




This project offered rewards

£30 or more


1. Album Encantarias Download | 2. Virtual tour of UNESCO heritage São Luis do Maranhão city and a demonstration in Tambor de Criola and Punga dos Homens traditions - history, rhythms, movement. | 3. The beautiful Encantarias artwork for printing on different media (shirts, bags, textiles) . design by @evelyn.narsa

£10 or more

Mata Atlantica Forest

1. Album Encantarias Download | 2. The beautiful Encantarias artwork for printing on different media (shirts, bags, textiles) . design by @evelyn.narsa

£40 or more

Caatinga (dryland)

1. The beautiful Encantarias shirt design by @evelyn.narsa (choose colour, size, female or male)* | 2. Album Encantarias Download | 3. Virtual tour of UNESCO heritage São Luis do Maranhão + demonstration in Tambor de Criola and Punga dos Homens traditions - history, rhythms, movement | * Postage of the shirt not included

£50 or more

Pantanal (Matogrosso wetlands)

1. Album Encantarias Download | 2. Book Roda dos Saberes do Cais do Valongo * - a very rare work on capoeira and the history of Rio, hardcover, beautiful Black & White photos of Rio Street Capoeira, 13 writers, organised by Master Carlão, edited by Délcio Teobaldo | 3. LIVE with the author to share the research experience for the compositions + learn one of the songs || * Postage not included

£60 or more


1. Album Encantarias Download | 2. Book Roda dos Saberes do Cais do Valongo * | 3. A surprise gift from Maranhão | 4. Virtual tour of UNESCO heritage São Luis do Maranhão + demonstration in Tambor de Criola and Punga dos Homens traditions - history, rhythms, movement | * Postage not included

£200 or more

Cerrado (Brazil's Savannah)

1. Album Encantarias Download | 2. A surprise gift from Maranhão | 3. A handmade Gunga Berimbau* made by me, with a painting inspired by the "Encantarias Jaguar" artwork | 4. Book Roda dos Saberes do Cais do Valongo ** | 5. Virtual tour of UNESCO heritage São Luis do Maranhão + demonstration in Tambor de Criola and Punga dos Homens traditions - history, rhythms, movement | * Berimbau, only for UK and Brazil residents ** Postage not included

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