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RCN 1184400, Wimborne

To enable those with mobility challenges to source suitable accommodation and travel services when travelling for business or pleasure. The charity seeks to offer services whereby disabled travellers are offered the fullest choice, not limited to listings purely governed by an organisation's financial strength or corporate identity.


When it comes to planning a holiday, disabled travellers and their families can often have a difficult time finding a suitable hotel or wheelchair-accessible transfers, largely due to the lack of accessibility information provided by companies.

Enable My Trip is a charity making accessible travel easier. Our online directory includes thousands of accommodation listings, tour operators and various support services - all specifically tailored for travellers with disabilities.  The charity is run by a small team of dedicated volunteers who research accessible travel services and accommodation, then list them on our website and pin them to our map. We also post regular blog articles on travel advice and recommendations. Click here to meet the team.


Unlike commercially-driven ventures, we do not charge commission rates or fees to any of the businesses listed on our website, nor are we affiliated with or funded by any private backers. Therefore, everything you find on Enable My Trip is honest and transparent. We do not promote or prioritise one particular type of accommodation over another. In fact, we purposefully seek out small, independent businesses that cannot afford the listing fees or commission rates charged by the large accommodation booking websites. We rely solely on donations and fundraising to operate our service.

Our function is, simply, to identify travel products and services suitable for travellers with disabilities, and catalogue them on our website. Please note that you cannot make a booking through Enable My Trip as we are not an online travel agent. We are a source of knowledge and information . Click here for website.

 If you own or are aware of any accessible travel businesses not listed on our website, please get in touch. Alternatively, you can become an Enable My Trip Ambassador and take an active role in improving accessible travel. 



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