Empowering Neurodivergent Individuals in Data

by Michelle Henty in Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom

Empowering Neurodivergent Individuals in Data

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Support our mission to empower neurodivergent individuals by providing specialized mentoring and training in data analytics and business.

by Michelle Henty in Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Michelle, a passionate advocate for neurodiversity and an experienced professional in data analytics and business strategy. I believe that everyone, regardless of their neurological differences, has the potential to thrive in today's data-driven world. That’s why I’m launching this crowdfunding campaign to create a specialised mentoring and training program designed specifically for neurodivergent individuals. With your support, we can bridge the gap and unlock the potential of this incredibly talented yet often overlooked community.

I already provide free resources via https://www.correline.co.uk but would like to expand and improve on these.


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower neurodivergent individuals by providing them with the skills, support, and opportunities needed to succeed in the fields of data analytics and business. We aim to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment where neurodivergent individuals can thrive, develop their unique talents, and contribute meaningfully to the workforce.


Why This Matters

Neurodivergent individuals, including those with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other neurological differences, often face significant barriers in traditional education and employment settings. However, many possess exceptional skills in areas such as pattern recognition, logical thinking, and problem-solving—skills that are highly valuable in data and business roles.

Despite these strengths, the unemployment rate among neurodivergent adults is alarmingly high. By providing tailored training and mentorship, we can help neurodivergent individuals overcome these barriers, gain meaningful employment, and build fulfilling careers.


Our Program

The program will include:

Personalised Training: Customised courses in data analytics, business strategy, and related fields, designed to accommodate different learning styles and needs.

One-on-One Mentorship: Experienced professionals will provide guidance, support, and career advice, helping participants navigate their career paths.

Soft Skills Development: Workshops on communication, teamwork, and professional development to ensure participants are well-rounded and workplace-ready.

Job Placement Assistance: Partnerships with businesses and organizations to create pathways for employment, including internships and job placements.


Why We Need Your Help

To make this vision a reality, we need your support. Your contributions will help us:

  • Develop and deliver high-quality training materials.
  • Hire experienced mentors and trainers.
  • Provide necessary resources such as software, tools, and technology.


Join Us in Making a Difference

By supporting this campaign, you are not just donating money—you are investing in the future of talented individuals who have the potential to make significant contributions to the data and business industries. Together, we can create a more inclusive and diverse workforce, and provide neurodivergent individuals with the opportunities they deserve.

Thank you for your generosity and support. Let’s work together to empower neurodivergent minds and build a brighter future for all.


Thank You for Your Support!

Support our mission to empower neurodivergent individuals by providing specialised mentoring and training in data analytics and business, helping them unlock their potential and secure meaningful careers.

Your contribution will make a lasting impact. Together, we can change lives and build a more inclusive world.

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