Emergency Food Relief Fund

by Shane Matthew in Lagness, England, United Kingdom

Emergency Food Relief Fund

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To provide an emergency fund in order to help us, help others with nothing!

by Shane Matthew in Lagness, England, United Kingdom

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for  millions of British people, here at Crimsham Farm, we have modified what we do to now provide a delivery service covering a huge area and providing food and supplies to some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

At present we have dispatched over 2,500 food orders to people in isolation, people who cannot leave their homes and people who are too afraid to go out.

Our entire team is made up entirely of volunteers, even the directors of the farm are volunteering their time and resources to this project, however, like anything else in life, it costs money to operate.

At present we are using around £100 in fuel and cleaning materials each day, in order to collect stock, deliver it and clean down in order to maintain a safe and hygienic infectious free area and service.

Unlike many of the newly formed projects, we are registered as a food business with Arun District Council, we are on the approved list of service providers on the West Sussex County Council Website and we are providing information and data collected to local councils to assist in their crisis management plans, all this in the midst of utter chaos!

What we are asking the public for, and believe me, we are aware of how tight things are, is any small donation they can spare that will help us keep this vital service running.

We as directors cannot maintain the cost for much longer, we cannot afford to put up prices either as we do not have the buying power of the larger supermarkets, our prices are as good as they can be....... Help us, 50p, £1, anything you can spare.

Money raised will go directly to this effort, any surplus will be used on the farm, however given the time scale of this pandemic, this will likely not be the case and all funds will go to this operation.

Be kind guys, if you can spare some change, please, help us to help others!

After all, as we have all seen, this is a #communitythatcares

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