Emergency Covid-19 Hay and Feed Appeal

by Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Wolverton, England, United Kingdom

Emergency Covid-19 Hay and Feed Appeal
We did it
On 21st March 2021 we successfully raised £10,509 with 287 supporters in 56 days

It's cold and wet, paddocks are muddy, hay & feed are getting low. We are running out of resources and we need your help now more than ever

by Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Wolverton, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

We've reached our original stretch target, but now we are working to make our voices even stronger. With time left until our project comes to an end, we are going to do our best to spread the word about our urgent appeal even further. 

Every extra pound we raise would increase our chances to secure hay and animal feed for further weeks, which would give us more security and great peace of mind knowing our animals are safe and fed for even longer. 

Thanks to every single one of you for all your incredible support you have shown us so far!! <3


  • WHO ARE WE? 

Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary, aka FARS, is a non-profit making organisation. 100% of our profits are used to care for rescued animals from abuse and neglect and to maintain and improve the site. 



FARS is set in the district of Warwickshire and despite belonging to Stratford-upon-Avon, it is tucked away from town, in the beautiful countryside of Wolverton, only a couple of miles from Shakespeare's town centre. 


Our Team:

We are a small group of very commited and dedicated volunteers, all with different skills, and all from different backgrounds, led by a true hero, the founder of the sanctuary, Carole Webb

After moving locations several times since 1988, Carole and her animals began their new life, here in Wolverton in 2000. 



Our newest team member ran 79 MILES to support this appeal!!!! 

Our newest volunteer JP is a coach, motivational speaker, author and a plant-based athlete. With over 250k followers on his social media, JP is hoping to boost our appeal to raise more money and awareness about our sanctuary. 


On 27th February he ran 79 miles ( the equivalent of 3 marathons) in under 24 hours. As if that doesn't sound crazy enough, the craziest part is, that only in May 2019, JP sustained life threatening injuries after being hit by an uninsured driver during a charity bike ride, raising money for brain cancer. Both of his legs were broken during the accident and he now has metal rods in the middle of his bones from his hips to his ankle. 


For more information please check out JP's Instagram account: j_p_d_v 

Please sponsor, share or donate through our link to support his incredible story! 

Our Aim:

Our intention is to make sure that our animals are cared for and well looked after, no matter what the situation.FARS became a project for Carole to work on in order to keep her rescued animals safe and she still requires a lot of support and funding to bring the site to where she'd like it to be. There is still a lot of work to be done and each day we face new challenges and problems to overcome but, right at this moment, keeping the animals fed and warm is our number one priority and with your help and support we know we will get there! 



Winter months are always the hardest times for most animal sanctuaries and rescue centres and we are no exception.

The grass stops growing, the paddocks and surrounding areas become muddy, and the animals need a lot of extra care and attention. 


The ones that suffer the most from the cold are our elderly animals who need a lot of special care and treatment. Nice thick straw beds for extra warmth and for those suffering from arthritis, extra depth to cushion their joints. 


Straw is used for bedding, whereas hay is to compensate for the loss of grass and for the sheep in paddocks. 

On average, the sanctuary needs £1500 every week just to cover the costs of hay, straw and other animal feed. During winter months it can be significantly more and during freezing weather conditions the amount can even double. 

With 90% of all animals at FARS being sheep who are being fed twice daily, extra feed is also needed  to ensure weight is kept on, as some of these older animals are at an age where they find it harder to metabolise all the nutrients that they need.

Winter is always a more costly time for the sanctuary and it's common for our animal feed and bedding  bills to double. And these are the times when every little bit of extra income can make a big difference to our animals here at Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary. 


Since the Covid crisis began in March 2020, we have had no visits, or events to tide us over, and we are facing uncertainty as to what and when we can organise in the future. The long term effects of the pandemic are really starting to hit home. And this is the reason why we are, yet again, reaching to you for help. 

Having to cancel all our events was particularly devastating for us as these events are our major source of income that we rely on every year. 

On top of that, and completely understandably, we have seen a drop in regular donations, as many people cut costs for fear of losing their jobs. 

And just when we thought things couldn't get any worse, Carole became very poorly two days before Christmas and after being rushed to the hospital, we were informed she had tested positive for Covid. It took weeks for her to mend but thankfully she has pulled through and is now back at home at the sanctuary, slowly building her strength back up. 

Since then, one of our 3 essential workers has sadly also tested positive and had to self isolate. We are keeping in close touch and though she is feeling better, it might take a while until she is fully recovered. Trying to protect our small team, we sadly had to decline help from other volunteers for our, and their own safety and currently we are running on 2 remaining volunteers, Ellie and her partner, looking after all 450 animals, 7 days a week. 

We do not, nor have we ever, qualified for any government funding and, as our small animal care team are essential key workers, who are also all volunteers, we haven't been able to furlough anyone. 


Every single donation, no matter the size, will be a huge help to us! Keeping our rescued animals safe, warm, well fed and healthy is our number one priority and any help you can give will make a big difference to them.


Here is a rough breakdown of the sanctuary's weekly expenses:

  • x20 bales of hay/week = £560 (x1 bale of hay = £28)
  • x10 bales of straw/week = £190 (x1 bale of straw = £19) 
  • Weekly supply of Hi-Fi = £55
  • Weekly supply of Allstock Mix & Allstock Nuts animal feed = £550
  • Weekly supply of sugar beet = £150
  • £1505 total weekly feed costs (this excludes other expenses such as bills for electricity, water, rent, vet bills etc which make up additional £1000 on top)
  • the amount we receive in government funding = £0

Please note that the above is an average calculation and the use of feed, hay and straw can double in the winter months. 


Living in the surrounding area of Stratford-upon-Avon, we still come across people on a daily basis who have never heard of our sanctuary. We are a small organisation and word of mouth goes a long way. 

Our wish is to spread the word about us to create public awareness about our animals and the work that we do. 



Despite all the difficulties we are having to face here at FARS, we understand we aren't the only ones struggling. Our love and care goes out to you all and we know and realise we are all in this together. 

We wish to say a huge thank you to you all who haven't forgotten about us and who have supported us through thick and thin, as well as those who are yet to be there for us in the future. 


Carole, her team and all the animals x x x




This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£5 or more

6 of 15 claimed

Salt lick block

Your £5 donation will buy x1 large salt block which will provide very important nutrients and minerals for our sheep. We will send you a personalised "Thank You" email for your generous support.

£5 or more

6 of 10 claimed

Small bale of hay

Your £5 donation could buy us a small bale of hay. We get through so much hay a week and it is always on top of the list of things that we need. We will send you a personalised "Thank You" email for your generous support.

£7 or more

6 of 15 claimed

a bag of food for piggies

Your £7 donation would buy x1 bag of food for our piggies which is a part of their daily diet. They would be very grateful! We will send you a personalised "Thank You" email for your generous support.

£8 or more

2 of 8 claimed

Corn for our chickens

Your £8 donation could buy a pack of corn for our chickens which they absolutely love and is part of their daily diet. We will send you a personalised "Thank You" email for your generous support.

£9 or more

4 of 8 claimed

a bag of sheep food

Your £9 donation could buy us x1 bag of sheep food. Apart from hay we also make sure our animals receive minerals and vitamins important for their health. We get through 60 bags a week and therefore we always need more. They always get so excited to hear the food being prepared :-). We will send you a personalised "Thank You" email for your generous support.

£10 or more

7 of 10 claimed

a bag of sugar beet

Your £10 donation will buy x1 bag of sugar beet that is rich in digestive fibre and provides extra energy for the sheep. We will send you a personalised "Thank You" email for your generous support.

£19 or more

7 of 12 claimed

a bale of straw

Your £19 donation will buy us x1 bale of straw which will be used as bedding in paddocks for all our animals. We will send you a personalised "Thank You" email for your generous support.

£28 or more

5 of 20 claimed

a large bale of hay

Your £28 donation will buy x1 largw bale of hay which is an absolute necessity in winter months, as well as extremely dry seasons during summer. We will send you a personalised "Thank You" email for your generous support.

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