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Embrace Bodied Ltd aims to build a online services that will provide customers with health and fitness support, as well as activewear.

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At Embrace Bodied Ltd, we believe in a positive, holistic approach to health that incorporates fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. The health and fitness industry is growing rapidly as individuals become eager to reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. An abundance of research has found correlations between wellness, worker productivity, happiness, and life expectancy. However, starting the journey towards a healthier lifestyle is difficult and even harmful without the correct resources. For example, many popular diets and fitness regimens can actually cause more harm than good and only produce short-term results, leaving individuals frustrated and discouraged. Also, many companies within the industries only focus on one aspect of health or fitness or simply just the activewear.  

Embrace Bodied Ltd solves this problem in England by offering superior, personalized, and convenient health and fitness services to our clients. We will be a holistic company that understands that different aspects of a person’s life can intervene with each other. We are a firm believer that good health can be achieved when all the subsystem of a person way of living is made whole and balanced such as the amount of sleep, nutritional intake, mental and wellness. 

We believe one will need guidance and motivation on physical activities, meditation, enough sleep and appropriate food in starting a journey into good health. Our experienced coaches will emphasize the importance of maintaining a feasible fitness regimen, having a balanced nutritional plan, and developing behaviors that will produce long-term results enabling our clients to live happier and healthier lives.

We offer the following products and services to meet our client’s unique needs: meetings with health & Fitness coaches, offering resources which don't require face to face assistance (menu and meal plans, shopping lists, dietary analysis, E-book and hard copy book on how to get started), activewear that are trendy, fashionable, and functionable. Self-care products such foot and face scrubs and candles to assist with meditation and relaxation, small to medium size fitness equipment and all in one health app and resources.

Due to the effect of COVID-19 and the self-isolation being maintained by people all over the world, the company will benefit from the tremendous rise in the use of digital platforms as people seek to engage health and fitness professionals online and advancement in technology and ecommerce make people to purchase their health and fitness resources about keeping fit and healthy while staying at home.  By introducing our platform, people will be able to have a firsthand personal interaction with a health coach, obtaining necessary health and fitness resources and getting the most trending and sexy activewears in the industry. The platform is designed to cater to the needs of virtually everyone all over the world.

The company’s plan in funding its start-up expenses is utilising funds from personal equity, investors and fundraising .

Apart from our intended guerilla marketing approach, we expect to win the market shares by undergoing the following strategies:

  • Understand the opportunity in detail, at the country and program level; 
  • Develop more affordable services adapted to the needs of individual markets; 
  • Organise for international growth, evolving from a narrow European focus to a global structure; 
  • Get the right talent to pursue domestic opportunities and establish international opportunities; and 
  • Optimised offsets and other obligations through sound and responsible strategies.

We will minimize risk factors to Embrace Bodied Ltd success by:

  • Acquiring adequate funding for the business.
  • Minimizing overhead costs so as to increase the net profit.
  • Building a sufficient customer base. We have determined an excellent location using demographics. We are quite confident that this, coupled with our good marketing plan will achieve our desired result.

Unique Process:

  • We first determine the clients’ personality type and help them understand the science of exercise and nutrition, and what their body needs.
  • Then, we help them understand what to do, wear and eat AND how to put it all into action at home and on-the-go for long term success.
  • Along the way we also help them understand how to achieve enough fun and flexibility to live a balanced life.

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