Elephant in the Room

by Tim Button in Maldon, Essex, United Kingdom

Elephant in the Room

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Pornography is the elephant in the room. A high quality video course with the aim of educating on the damage of porn.

by Tim Button in Maldon, Essex, United Kingdom

Pornography has been compared to an awkward Elephant in the room, a topic that evokes discomfort and avoidance in conversations. Despite its widespread consumption in society, it remains shrouded in secrecy and silence, while research has shown that exposure to pornography can have devastating effects on individuals' brain function, mental health, relationships, and across society. The average age of exposure is between 8 and 11 years old, with 93% of teenage boys and 50% of teenage girls having consumed pornography. Pornography is ACCESSIBLE, AFFORDABLE and ANONYMOUS and in the US alone, porn websites receive more traffic than Instagram, X, Netflix, Pinterest and LinkedIn combined. 

Elephant International LTD is a start-up company with a vision to educate people on the damage of pornography through high quality video modules.  Featuring world leading industry experts, public figures, personal testimony, interviews and animation, we will empower individuals to make an informed decision about their consumption habits.

 The accessibility of pornography through the internet and other digital platforms has led to a significant increase in its consumption worldwide. However, research has shown that prolonged exposure to pornography can have negative effects on individuals' brain function, mental health, relationships, and across wider society. Recognizing the need for education on this topic, Elephant International endeavours to fill the gap by providing evidence-based information and resources to help individuals navigate and discuss the complexities of pornography consumption resulting in improved mental health and wellbeing, reduced sexually motivated violence and strengthened relationships.

The aim of the content is to provide an opportunity for consumers to become aware of the damage pornography causes and create a conversation around the ‘Elephant in the Room’. 

My name is Tim Button and I am the passionate entrepreneur behind the 'Elephant in the Room'. Having battled for many years with a pornography addiction, I was close to losing everything. After battling hard, I became free from my addiction and have now been happily married for 10 years, now with a child of my own. My heart is to use my experience to help inform as many people as possible of porn's damage, enabling them to live a life of freedom. I am aware I am not a medical expert, so I have collaborated with some world leading specialists to ensure my content is valid and accredited.

I would love you to join me on the journey!



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