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I want to provide green energy at an affordable cost. My aim is to reduce bills and the reliance on fossil fuels.

by ElecsusAdam in Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

I have worked in the electrical installation sector for twenty years, witnessing an increasing reliance on technology. With the rising cost of living and energy prices, the current situation is unsustainable for most people. Currently, the renewable energy sector is largely driven by consumers in comfortable financial positions. However, the installation costs for renewable and energy storage systems could be significantly reduced. Presently, prices charged in the sector seem disproportionately high, resembling a “free-for-all” in terms of profits.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Initial costs could be mitigated through low-interest financing, coupled with fair and lower overall system costs. This approach would allow consumers to retain more money even during the repayment period, which could be as short as three years for an air source heat pump.

The energy sector need not prioritize maximum profits at the expense of the consumer. Together, we can make energy solutions both affordable and sustainable.

The money raised would be directed toward developing a user-friendly website with a cost calculator, enabling customers to estimate their savings during and after the repayment period. Additionally, funds would support targeted online marketing campaigns to secure more jobs, enhance our order book with suppliers, and reduce material costs.

For instance, installing an air source heat pump currently costs around £12,500. With a non-repayable government grant of £7,500, customers often take loans for the remaining £5,000. The £5,000 that customers are exposed to could easily be reduced by as much as 50%!!! 

This example highlights the industry’s focus on extreme profiteering. By adopting a lower gross profit margin and offering low-interest financing if needed, we can significantly reduce our customers’ expenses.

Our company’s goal is to tailor packages to suit each client, including high-end options like air/ground source heat pumps, solar PV, and battery storage. These technologies, combined with energy monitoring, can yield substantial savings for customers and even help them avoid potential blackouts.

Thank you,

Adam Hall


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