Education for Veteran Support Startup

by Alan J Coleman in London, England, United Kingdom

Education for Veteran Support Startup
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I need to fund my studies before setting up a company and charity which will assist Armed Forces Veterans reintegrate after custody

by Alan J Coleman in London, England, United Kingdom

Armed Forces veterans suffer additional and unforeseen consequences of the environmental and organisational culture of prison including the erosion of standards and confidence. Service personnel are usually highly motivated and pro-social and routinely undertake additional duties in their own time and for their own sake (i.e., because they are of benefit to others and are the right thing to do) without the benefit of extra pay, time off, etc. However, the organisational culture inside a UK prison, e.g., where the minimum amount of work is done for the maximum return, no action without reward, etc., undermines this professionalism and can cause the veteran to continue with these anti-social traits on release.

It is my intention to set up a charitable company which will address some of these additional issues and return veterans to a productive and pro-social state so that they can contribute effectively in the wider society. This will include practical work experience, adventurous training, social events and civic responsibility.

It is not my intention to address any factors that took the veterans into prison (that is solely the responsibility of the individual) but to reverse some of the additional and unintended damage from the system and in doing so return them to the professional, motivated and productive members of society they were when they were serving our country over many years.

I will be reading for a Masters in Human Resource Management and Organisational Development (MSc HRM) in September 2024 but I am left with a funding shortfall. Due to my age (I'm 59) 2024 is my last chance to get UK funding for tuition fees and so I have to enter university this year or the work I done to prepare over the last few years will be for nothing.

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