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by Alexander Morgan in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, United Kingdom

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Aims to establish a sustainable solution that ensures dignified burials for individuals facing financial hardship - Cost of living Inclusion

by Alexander Morgan in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, United Kingdom

I'm Alex, trained and educated in East London UK, I propose a grant to address the critical issue of burial space for individuals who cannot afford funeral expenses. 

It has come to our attention that many local authorities are not adhering to government guidelines and failing to fulfill their legal obligation to provide burial services for those who die in poverty. 

This grant aims to establish a sustainable solution that ensures dignified burials for individuals facing financial hardship.

Problem Statement
Funeral costs have become an overwhelming burden for a growing number of individuals, leaving them unable to afford proper funeral arrangements.

Recent investigations have revealed that approximately 10 out of 27 local authorities are neglecting their duty to provide public health funerals to individuals without financial means.

-This underscores the urgency to address the issue and ensure that no one is denied their right to a respectful burial due to financial constraints.

Current Situation and Statistics
According to the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984, local authorities in England and Wales are legally obligated to arrange the burial or cremation of individuals who have died in their area when suitable arrangements cannot be made otherwise. However, around 110,000 people in the UK face funeral poverty each year, accumulating a total funeral debt of £142 million. The scale of the problem continues to escalate, as evidenced by a 12% rise in funeral poverty to £147 million according to the National Funeral Cost Index Report by Royal London. These figures highlight the pressing need to find a sustainable solution to alleviate the financial burden faced by individuals and local authorities.
Proposed Solution
Our grant proposal seeks to establish affordable burial spaces specifically designed for indigent individuals. Attached above ground burial chambers./Niches.


By creating dedicated burial areas, we aim to provide dignified final resting places for those who cannot afford the rising costs associated with traditional funeral arrangements. 

These burial spaces will be implemented in collaboration with local authorities, ensuring compliance with legal obligations while simultaneously addressing the financial challenges faced by both individuals and councils.

a) Provide dignified and affordable burial spaces for individuals who cannot afford traditional funeral arrangements.
b) Collaborate closely with local authorities to ensure compliance with legal obligations regarding public health funerals.
c) Alleviate the financial burden on both individuals and local authorities by offering cost-effective burial solutions.
d) Promote financial stability and reduce long-term debt for individuals by eliminating the need for expensive funeral services.
e) Raise awareness about the issue of funeral poverty and advocate for sustainable solutions at a national level.

Implementation Plan
a) Conduct thorough research and analysis of existing burial spaces to identify suitable locations for the establishment of affordable burial areas.
b) Collaborate with local authorities, funeral directors, and relevant stakeholders to secure support and expertise in implementing the proposed burial spaces.
c) Develop a comprehensive operational framework for the management and maintenance of the burial spaces, ensuring efficient and sustainable operations.
d) Establish transparent eligibility criteria to determine individuals who qualify for the affordable burial spaces.
e) Develop outreach programs and awareness campaigns to inform the public, local authorities, and relevant organizations about the availability and benefits of the affordable burial spaces.
f) Continuously monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the program, making necessary adjustments to ensure its long-term success.


In conclusion, the grant proposal aims to address the pressing issue of burial space for individuals facing financial hardship. By establishing affordable burial spaces in collaboration with local authorities, we seek to ensure dignified burials for those who cannot afford traditional funeral arrangements. This initiative will alleviate the financial burden faced by individuals and local authorities while upholding legal obligations. We kindly request your support in implementing this vital project, enabling us to make a significant impact on the lives of those affected by funeral poverty.

Cost Of Living Inclusion

Meeting a benefit award London residents can lease a Niche at £50 per year able to store 5 interments [20yr=£1000] Double the time at half the cost compared to Mortlake for example.

 In England and Wales, the government’s Funeral Expenses Payment, paid from the regulated Social Fund, helps pay for certain costs for people in receipt of qualifying benefits and who meet the eligibility criteria. In addition, people who are eligible can get up to £1,000 for any other funeral expenses.

Local authorities have legal obligation to bury anyone who dies in poverty

The legal duty imposed on local authorities in England and Wales is contained in The Public Health 

(Control of Disease) Act 1984:

“It shall be the duty of a local authority to cause to be buried or cremated the body of any person 

who has died or been found dead in their area, in any case where it appears to the authority that no 

suitable arrangements for the disposal of the body have been or are being made otherwise than by 

the authority” (our emphasis)

In the UK there are around 110,000 people facing funeral poverty each year

or 1 in every 100

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