Food for Acorns Black Country Children's Hospice.

by Echo Managed Services in Walsall, England, United Kingdom

Food for Acorns Black Country Children's Hospice.

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To raise funds to be able to shop and donate food to the Walsall Hospice following the temporary merger of sites to combat Covid-19.

by Echo Managed Services in Walsall, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Stretch Target 2: Launched 01/05/2020
We'd now like to shift focus back to why we started supporting Acorns in the first place with our second stretch target and that is to "Save The Black Country Hospice".
We've added an additional £100 to the stretch target today to see how far we can push our fundraising. The EVF team in Walsall have promised to thank you all with an entertaining video should we meet this target, so let's make sure they fulfil their commitment!

Stretch Target 1: An additional £100 which will be provided to Acorns Children's Hospice in the form of a supermarket gift card which can be used to top up their essentials when needed. - Achieved 01/05/2020

At Echo Managed Services we committed the year 2020 to raise money and awareness for the 'Save The Black Country Hospice' appeal on behalf of Acorns Children's Hospice.

We've recently heard that Acorns have taken the decision to temporarily close their Birmingham hospice so that the site can be used for Covid-19 care should it be needed due to its central location near other Birmingham medical & care facilities.

The children being cared for at Birmingham have been relocated to the hospices in Walsall & Worcester depending on their location and this is putting additional strain on the resources available at both these sites.

Due to our ongoing support of the Black Country (Walsall) Hospice and our location we've decided to raise funds for the Walsall site to help them with the increased cost of food for the site, all monies raised will be used to purchase long-life foods to donate to the Black Country Hospice to help keep the children, their families and the staff there safe and well.

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