Dying my hair BLUE in support of the NHS

by Anna McQuaid in Plumpton Green, England, United Kingdom

Dying my hair BLUE in support of the NHS

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I am raising money (by looking ridiculous) to help feed local frontline NHS staff and those in need in these uncertain times

by Anna McQuaid in Plumpton Green, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

If we go over £500 then I will be looking for the permanent hair dye! The kids will both dye there’s too!!
The more money we raise, the more people will get fed. we will also be getting soap and hand cream to nurses 

Okay... I want to raise some money to support local NHS staff and local food banks. Sadly, thanks to my ankles and knees, running a crazy number of miles isn’t an option. I’m pretty sure that Captain Tom Moore (what a guy) has the 'Walking around the garden approach' more than covered. So, having consulted with my family, it has been decided that I am going to dye my hair blue in support of the NHS. 

For me it is important to know that everyone is able to eat during this crisis so I have signed up to help a great bunch of people feeding frontline NHS staff in Brighton and Haywards Heath. I will be giving them half of what I raise and the other half of proceeds will go to our local food bank at Haywards Heath which is seeded by The Trussel Trust. Unfortunately, there are too many who found it difficult to get food on the table each day before this crisis hit … god only knows how much harder it must be these days. 

 I am aiming to raise £500 and I have ordered some peroxide to get me started, as well as some pretty snazzy, semi-permanent blue hair dye which should last about 6 weeks. If I raise over £2000 then sod it, I will do it with permanent dye and I’ll let Finn do his too (he's very keen for this!!)...and maybe even Ava who wants pink & blue hair!!

I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing so this could be pretty comical. I had highlights when I was 16 but that is as far as my experience in this sort of thing goes.  Updates and photos will be provided and rest assured, I’m pretty sure I will still look ridiculous once this lockdown ends. 

I realise that, in the big scheme of things, dying one's hair blue isn’t much effort to make .. but if this idea sparks a willing to give a little, from anyone, then it’s worth doing.

Thanks for reading and please see links to my chosen charities/communities below.





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