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by Dunleavy Vineyards in Bristol, , United Kingdom


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We want to buy a beautiful field on the outskirts of Bristol so we can grow more grapes without chemicals & help us meet demand for our wine

by Dunleavy Vineyards in Bristol, , United Kingdom

New stretch target

We could use this money to help us buy vineyard posts and vines. We have been testing new varieties of red and white grapes on a small scale to use in our sparkling red and white wines - we'd love to plant more of these to create new and exciting wines!

The story behind Dunleavy is a simple one...

I (Ingrid) planted the vineyard 13 years ago when I was in my 20's. I grew up in rural Somerset, went to a local state school then studied Biology at University in London before moving to Bristol to start an office job. I did this for a few years before realising I wasn’t made for office life and started to work outdoors in horticulture instead. One thing led to another and I soon found myself managing some small, local vineyards and wondering if I could ever set up my own! 

Not coming from a farming or land-owning background, leasing land was the only option open to me back then if I wanted to realise my dream of becoming a wine producer. I found some land to rent and planted 3000 vines. Time has moved on and Dunleavy is doing really well. We make and sell thousands of bottles of still and sparkling wine every year. Rather than selling direct from site we sell most our wine through small, independent shops and restaurants, many of them Michelin starred. We've got several large customers in London and have become an integral part of the amazing Bristol food & drink scene. We're a small team consisting of me, and our family-run winemaking team near Glastonbury but we also get help from some great friends and volunteers. Our small leased field has given us a great start, we need to grow more grapes to keep up with demand and to do that, we need more land...

To give Dunleavy a secure base and platform on which to grow, buying land is the only sensible way forward. Our leased land is quite far out from the city. We want to buy a beautiful field on the outskirts of the city; A site where it’s easy for people to visit us, see what we’re doing and get involved.

We want to continue a process we've already started and develop new wines using new grape varieties. We want to grow our vines without the use of chemicals and embrace the nature that surrounds us. We love nature in all its forms and plan to create new habitats and support existing ones in our new site.

We hate the intimidating stuffiness that sometimes surrounds wine. We always try to do things differently and explore new ideas and ways of doing things. We like to create eye catching branding that stands out from the crowd. Above all, we like to make wine fun!

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