Driftwood Spars Brewery Pilot Kit

by Mike Mason in St. Agnes, England, United Kingdom

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Help us meet our target to fund a 70 litre Pilot Brew Kit to be able to offer a wider range of exclusive experimental beers

by Mike Mason in St. Agnes, England, United Kingdom

Who are we?

We are Driftwood Spars Brewery. An award winning independent microbrewery based 100 meters from the coast in Trevaunance Cove, North Cornwall.


We are:

Lou (left) - Brewery Owner and Landlady of the pub of the same name which is situated right across the road. Keen wild swimmer, no wetsuit necessary (even in this weather) and lover of all things beer, especially Lou's Brew - her very own English IPA.

Mike (middle) - Having been offered a brewing position by Pete, our founding Head Brewer who sadly passed away in early 2020, Mike took the reigns as Head Brewer. He surfs in his spare time and as a surfer from the midlands, he will attempt to surf in a puddle if the wind whips up enough chop. His all time favourite beer is a tie between Cask Marston's Pedigree or Left Hand Brewing's Nitro Milk Stout, depending on the setting.

Tim (right) - Tim rejoined the brewery recently after a two year hiatus and loves long distance bikepacking (a hip way of saying backpacking with a bike). He also loves experimenting with alternative brewing ingredients on his brewkit at home. His favourite beer? It changes every week!


What do we do?

For over 10 years we have brewed small batch, traditional beers with exclusively British hops and malt. We choose to use British ingredients for two reasons, firstly to reduce our environmental impact through avoiding long boat and airplane trips for our hops. Secondly we are completely committed to empowering the local economy, where we can we will always spend our money locally.


Recently we launched our more contemporary Cove range of canned beers using locally sourced ingredients such as Seabuckthorn Berries and taking inspiration from the sights and stories around us, these include a 6% Milk Stout, a 21st century English IPA and as a Christmas special we brewed a Gingerbread Imperial Stout. 

What's next?

Since the beginning we have been relentlessly experimenting, we've worked alongside British hop growers to experiment with new varieties - we brewed with Harlequin years before it had a catchy name, to us it was known as CF212. In 2018 we were the first Cornish brewery to become completely Gluten Free and in 2020 we made all but one of our core beers Vegan.

With the introduction of our new Head Brewer Mike, perfecting big, decadent stouts has been a focus of ours, as well as using more of the natural ingredients that surround us. That's where we, as brewers, have fun - experimenting, tweaking and letting our imaginations run wild. 

We have always wrestled with the fact that whilst our brew kit isn't huge, the minimum amount of beer we can brew is somewhere around 900 pints, which is a lot of beer to brew to test an idea we've not perfected yet. The COVID-19 situation has really amplified this issue for us meaning we just can't risk brewing such a large quantity of any experimental beers. You can imagine how daunting it was, mid lockdown, adding a bucketful of Seabuckthorn Berry juice to a full batch of a perfectly good saison in hope that it would make it a brilliant beer...


The solution? A Pilot Kit - a 70 litre brew kit that will sit alongside our current brewery and offer us the flexibility to bring to life those experimental ideas we have. It also means we can be much more flexible in offering bespoke beers for weddings in the pub, we can teach more of the public about how to make beer at a smaller scale and we can test new and exciting British ingredients in manageable sized batches.


Where do you come in?

It's been a tough 12 months for everybody, we know that, that's why we have put together a rewards list we feel is truly good value for money. The first three beers we brew on this kit are exclusively for Crowdfunders only. They will not be available to anybody else and the recipes will be truly unique. Our pilot kit brewdays will be educational, fun and a benefit to everybody from complete novices to experienced homebrewers, and having our crowd's names and messages on the pilot kit will make this a really special part of our brewery, and our story.

We're really excited about what this kit could mean for the future of our brewery, and how much more expressive it will allow us to be with the beers that you guys drink. And that's it for our pitch, thanks for reading and stay safe!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

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Want to help us on our way without making us jump through hoops? Claim this reward to get us closer to our target and you'll be rewarded with a warm fuzzy feeling and a big thank you when we next see you.

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A bottle of Pilot Brew #1 - Imperial Stout

This reward entitles you to a bottle of the very first beer we brew on the pilot kit - a huge imperial stout limited to just 100 bottles and exclusive to this Crowdfunder. Want it posted? If we hit our target we will send you a code to add the bottle to your next drifty order.

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A bottle of Pilot Brew #2 - Oat Cream Pale Ale

This reward entitles you to a bottle of the second beer we brew on the pilot kit - an Oat Cream Pale Ale limited to just 100 bottles and exclusive to this Crowdfunder. Want it posted? If we hit our target we will send you a code to add the bottle to your next drifty order.

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A bottle of Pilot Brew #3 - Coastal Lager

This reward entitles you to a bottle of the third beer we brew on the pilot kit - an experimental Coastal Lager limited to just 100 bottles and exclusive to this Crowdfunder. Want it posted? If we hit our target we will send you a code to add the bottle to your next drifty order.

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Club Drifticana Membership

In Club Drifticana drinks are... 85% of retail price... With Club Drifticana membership you will get 15% off online and at the brewery shop for a year. You will also be first to hear about pilot plant brews and will be able to pre-order before the general public. Yes the name sucks, yes we will probably change it.

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Your name or message engraved on the Pilot Kit

This reward entitles you to have your name or a message (within reason OK?) engraved on our pilot kit. Inspirational phrases, your favourite ice cream flavour, the world is your oyster! Well... as long as your oyster is 20 characters or less

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A trio of Stouts from the Pilot Kit inc postage

This reward entitles you to a trio of pilot kit stouts posted to you. It's no secret that we will be brewing a lot of stouts on this pilot kit, and here's your opportunity to bag a bottle of each of the first three stouts we brew. Expect experimental flavours and some of the highest percentages the brewery has ever released!

£100 or more

A year's subscription to our pilot kit

We brew a beer on the pilot kit, you're guaranteed to get two bottles, simple. This reward is good for a year's subscription, which we guarantee to be at least 10 different beers (20 in total). Want them posted? We will give you a code to add them to your next online order. If you wish you can save them all up and have them delivered together free of charge.

£100 or more

A brewday on our Pilot Kit

This reward entitles you to a brewday for one on our shiny new pilot kit. You'll spend the day with Head Brewer Mike learning how beer is made whilst brewing a one off pilot recipe and will leave with a few samples of our core beers. Please note - we will not be able to offer brewdays until COVID-19 restrictions allow

£300 or more

Brew your own beer on our Pilot Kit!

Working with our Head Brewer Mike, you and up to three friends will create, name and brew a one off recipe on our shiny new Pilot Kit. Once it is ready you will then be able to take half of the beer (around 25 litres) away with you to do as you please! Please note - we will not be able to offer brewdays until COVID-19 restrictions allow

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Name our Pilot Kit + A brewday for one

This reward entitles you to name our Pilot Kit (within reason, OK?) The name will be proudly hung on the wall above the kit for the rest of time, cool huh? You will also be entitled to brew on the newly named kit once COVID-19 restrictions allow

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