Dr Sam's Subsistence Funds

by Philip Hyland in Ryhall, England, United Kingdom

Dr Sam's Subsistence Funds
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On 13th August 2021 we successfully raised £9,710 with 313 supporters in 28 days

To assist me with living expenses whilst my legal cases are ongoing and whilst my functional medicine practice builds up.

by Philip Hyland in Ryhall, England, United Kingdom

Hello my name is Dr Sam White. I have been suspended from my right to practice as a GP within the NHS because I blew the whistle over concerns about the safety of experimental vaccines and for publicly voicing my concerns that the public have been denied access to safe, proven, and effective medicines such as Ivermectin. These treatments work regardless of the Covid-19 variant. 

I want the public to know that Covid- 19 is far more treatable than influenza, but we as doctors are not allowed to prescribe these treatments. There is absolutely no need to live in fear. However, we are continually told that the only way out of this pandemic is with expensive, and never before used vaccine technology. Numerous vaccine associated deaths and injuries have been reported in the U.K. (via the yellow card reporting system) and countless more worldwide. I warned the NHS last year that this would happen, but my concerns were ignored. 

When the autumn/winter season hits later this year, both the vaccinated AND unvaccinated will need access to these medicines.  A summary of my case is here. The issues are fully set out here.


My financial situation is not good. Shortly after being suspended by the NHS my bank account and savings was hacked and a 5 figure sum was stolen. The bank is refusing to make amends despite my protestations. 


I had set up an independent Functional Medicine Practice which is here . Prior to being suspended I was working as a locum for 3 days per week whilst my private practice built up. I cannot earn as a locum now and my private practice has few bookings at present whilst it is in its early stages and my reputation is unfairly sullied for speaking the truth. 

I need funds to meet my day to day living costs whilst I await the outcomes of the legal process. My solicitors are raising funds for my legal battles which you can read about here.

Functional medicine is explained here . If you know anyone who has a chronic condition that has not been helped by a pharmaceutical solution, they can book a video consultation with me. I can take on patients throughout the UK, and all tests can be sent to you at home. I am registered with all the key Functional Medicine Laboratories, along with being a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS).

If the legal processes resolve quickly or my practice builds up quickly to provide a viable income, I will donate any sums not spent to vaccine injury charities. 


Many thanks for your support. This is not a battle I wished to pick but one I had no option to pick given that I swore an oath to do no harm and the disclosure I made was in the public interest to prevent further needless death and injury from this mass human experiment.



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