'Doubt' Short Film

by Vili Sakselin in Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom

'Doubt' Short Film

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A psychological thriller written and directed by Vili Sakselin

by Vili Sakselin in Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom


Who are we?

Hi! My name is Vili Sakselin and I am a director, writer, and producer based in Brighton, United Kingdom. Doubt is my second self-produced short film, and my first independent project since graduating with a Master's in Filmmaking from the University of Sussex at the end of 2023. 

What is Doubt?

Doubt tells the story of Alice who suffers from prosopagnosia, a cognitive disability that prevents her from being able to identify people by their features. After uncovering evidence that her husband may have come to harm, Alice begins to suspect that the man she’s currently living with might be an imposter. 

Why are we asking for your help?

I wanted to make Doubt because as a beginning director, there's really no other way of showcasing your skill than by creating exciting work that demonstrates it. It had been almost a year since my previous short, so when the idea for Doubt came together I jumped at the opportunity of making it.

Unfortunately, films aren't made for free, even when an amazing team agrees to work for a fraction of their deserved fee. There are always costs such as food, travel, rentals, locations, props, and costumes. It’s an expensive process and difficult to finance on your own, which is why we’re asking for support.  

The £1,000 that we’re asking for will go towards covering 25% of the final budget of the film. Included in that 25% are costs such as rentals for camera and lights, the Airbnb fee for our main location, and festival submissions once the film is finished. 

Although the film is already shot, we’re running a crowdfunder now because there wasn't enough time for a small team to do so during the extremely hectic pre-production period. The downside of this for you, the supporter, is that you will have missed out on the exciting experience of watching the film get made. But the upside, and the one that gives us the confidence to run the crowdfunder now, is that you already know the result which was a success. 

As the edit progresses, we will be sharing glimpses of the film to take you on a small version of the journey of making Doubt. We thank you for your support :) 


Vili Sakselin - director, writer, producer 


With a Bachelor's degree and a Master's with distinction degree in Filmmaking, Vili has a proven track record of academic excellence as well as phenomenal leadership skills, producing and directing several short films in his career. 

Samuli Kuusisto - cinematographer, co-producer 


With over a decade of experience behind the camera, Samuli's previous work has found acclaim at the Kalevi Awards, New York International Film Festival, and Lighthouse International Film Festival. Doubt marks the latest in a series of ongoing creative collaborations between Samuli and Vili. 

Pedro F. D. Silva - 1st assistant director, line producer


Also a recipient of a Master's with distinction in Filmmaking, Pedro has found his passion as a producer and assistant director.  Effortlessly steering creative teams of nearly thirty people, Doubt marks his first creative endeavor since being accepted to the Hastings International Film Festival with his debut short, Sleepover. 

Luke Young - composer 


With a degree in music and film composition and his ability to masterfully blend genres and instruments with a deep passion, Luke has been quintessential in defining the sound and feel of multiple short films. 


Mireia Espluga as Alice


A Seoul-born film and theater actress, Mireia was the result of a month-long search for a performer who possessed the unique qualities to bring Alice to life. Her ability to portray both the apprehension and inner strength of Alice is the cornerstone of the film. 

Madison Lazarus as Sophie


Madison's confidence, brightness, and remarkable empathy bring to life Sophie, Alice's best friend, and key confidant as she struggles with her disability. 

Edmund C. Short as Evil John 


Edmund C. Short has appeared in dozens of films and commercials such as AMC's "The Terror". With over a decade of screen acting experience, Edmund brings a wealth of nuance and mystique to the role of Evil John.


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