Dorset Artists' Emergency Fund

by b-side CIC in Portland, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 30th July 2020 we successfully raised £19,095 with 120 supporters in 73 days

With events cancelled, venues closed and public gatherings restricted many Artists in Dorset/BCP can't work and urgently need our support.

by b-side CIC in Portland, England, United Kingdom

Why do Artists need support right now? (7 days left!)

Help us reach £23,500 so we can support the 52 artists in Dorset who are in urgent financial need. 

What does your local artist (comedian, actor, musician) need the money for?

“It would change my life to have some money at this time. I have been sofa surfing. I have had to move as my living situation was no longer safe due to the virus and other factors. The money will be used on paying for food and finding somewhere more stable to live. This fund won’t cover all of my essential costs, but would make a great start.”

“I have had to borrow money to cover rent, I have then had to borrow more money to pay for food. I have had one job since March, and this has helped me put some food on the table without borrowing money from friends. All of the money will go on essential living costs. I have around £5,000 worth of essential costs to pay off. Which includes paying back the friends I borrowed money from.”

“Pay for everyday struggles since  Covid-19: bills, food, everyday bills, help fill the gap. I have been surviving on the basics: food locked up in the cupboard. It gets hard when you have to start paying the bills, tv, phone, lights. I'm hanging on a thread. If I can't pay, they turn it off.”

“I am not able to get on top of both the loan I've had to take out and my living costs. My parents and husband have both agreed to cover some of my essential living needs while I get back on my feet again, but I feel like I am firefighting to keep on top of it all”

Artwork by Katie Brookes.

How are your local artists (comedians, actors, musicians) falling through the gaps of support?

“I've struggled to find any suitable work to replace my self-employment income as I usually care for the kids in the day and work in the evenings. My partner works for the NHS and is still working so I need to be home for the children. I'm also currently on the waiting list for an MRI scan on my knee so a lot of potential work is ruled out as I'm not fit to do it”

“I'm a full-time comedian but missed out on self-employed help as only went full time in September 2018 and at the start of that tax year I was working as a postman. I fell £600 short of earning more than 50% from comedy work”

(To receive self-employed financial support from the Government, your self-employed work most be 50% or above your total earnings. You must have also earned a profit to be eligible, and quite a lot of early career freelancers make a loss in their first few years)

“I don’t qualify to claim my three years profits because there were none. I don’t pay business rates (as my home is also my workshop space) so there are no grants available. I am getting £300/month child maintenance and UC and child benefit. This combined covers the rent, but I only have £150 left over to pay for food, electric, water, council tax etc. I have three children and I am a single mum. The day we went into lockdown my income went to zero and until I am allowed people here again (to lead my pottery workshops) I literally have no income”

“I am ineligible for self-employment income support scheme by the Government because I do short term PAYE contracts in a self-employed context through TV work (an area of work that doesn’t get recognised by HMRC see #ForgottenPAYE). I have had no work income since February."


Artwork by Tolu Dada @tolu_d_design

What impact has COVID-19 had on your local artists?

“Literally £1000's and £1000's of future bookings have been cancelled between us. All our bookings have been cancelled or postponed until 2021”

"March 11th was my last gig. I’m in a tribute band who usually plays all over the country. We had gigs booked every week and now they’ve all been cancelled until further notice”

“My losses are £1200 a month. That was my income from teaching. It will be a massive loss not doing Dorset Art Weeks and other fairs and markets that I had booked.”

“I have lost £3,500 worth of work. I had weddings, parties and pub gigs in the diary plus some dates with a touring show.”

Artwork by The Wooden Spoon Press.

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b-side bag

Nab yourself a b-side tote bag, wear it with pride, and know that you’re supporting local artists.

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'Black Bay' CD by Far Flung Collective

(2020) Far Flung Collective create beautiful new music inspired by the landscapes of Dorset and the Scottish Outer Hebrides, featuring acclaimed musicians from each area.

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'Far Flung Corners' CD by Far Flung Collective

(2017) Far Flung Collective create beautiful new music inspired by the landscapes of Dorset and the Scottish Outer Hebrides, featuring acclaimed musicians from each area.

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A3 print of an Inside Out Dorset Artwork

A3 photographic print (unframed) of an Inside Out Dorset artwork by Tony Gill. Artworks include: Remnant Ecologies by Jony Easterby, The White Hare by Sarah Butterworth, Cloudscapes by Lorna Rees and Soaring Sky by Arbonauts.

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Party hosted by 2 Clowns

Attend a zoom party for you and up to 5 friends. Your hosts are Molly & Eilís and they've been planning this party for you for a very long time.

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A3 canvas of an Inside Out Dorset Artwork

A3 photo on canvas (ready to hang) of an Inside Out Dorset artwork - photography by Tony Gill. Artworks include: Remnant Ecologies by Jony Easterby, The White Hare by Sarah Butterworth, Cloudscapes by Lorna Rees and Soaring Sky by Arbonauts.

£50 or more

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Behind the Scenes at Inside Out Dorset 2021

Activate (Producers of Inside Out Dorset) invite you to go behind the scenes, meet some of the incredible artists performing, chat with festival Artistic Directors Kate Wood and Bill Gee, with a meal for up to 4 people, and see how our festival comes together.

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Virtual Cabaret Night with Extraordinary Bodies

You're invited to Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists' Cabaret Night. Watch a live and digital selection of performances by the cohort via Zoom. They might even share some material from their new show 'Til We Win'!

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Exclusive curator-led tour of b-side festival 2021

An exclusive tour of b-side festival (11 - 19 Sept 2021) for up to 3 people. This tour will be led by the curator(s) of b-side.

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Support an Artist

We're giving out grants of £500 to artists in urgent financial need. Your reward will be knowing that you've directly supported an Artist in their time of need. We'll also let give you an overview of how you helped.

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A b-side bag & voucher

Nab yourself a b-side tote bag and a voucher to one of festival events in September 2021.

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2 x tickets to an Artsreach performance 2021

2 x Artsreach tickets & a tote bag! Attend any Artsreach performance in 2021 (subject to availability).

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Film Club Member - Lighthouse, Poole

Become a Film Club member at Lighthouse, Poole. It includes: • 4 free tickets (terms and conditions apply) • Discounted member ticket price • Access to your complimentary tickets and discounts online • Print at home (or to your phone) tickets at no extra charge • No booking fee Membership Period: 1 year

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