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by William Tobin in Vannes, Morbihan, France

We did it
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Support my election campaign in the Prime Minister's constituency

by William Tobin in Vannes, Morbihan, France

William Tobin, Parliamentary candidate for Uxbridge & South Ruislip

Why I'm standing

3 million Brits living overseas – in my case, France – are barred from voting in General Elections and the 2016 Brexit referendum because of being abroad ‘too long’.    

The Conservatives promised to fix this injustice in their 2015 & 2017 Manifestos, but let us down. Many of us who live in the EU, or planned to, are having our lives churned up by a Brexit decision in which we had no say.  

          This isn’t fair, this isn’t democratic.

2½ million foreign nationals permanently resident in the UK are also unable to vote. Like everyone, they pay VAT and other taxes. Taxation without Representation lost Britain its American colonies!  

          This isn’t fair, this isn’t democratic.

1½ million 16- & 17- years olds also excluded.  Yet these emerging adults can vote in Scottish & Welsh elections and the Crown dependencies (Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man).  

Though I cannot vote, electoral law allows me to stand.  So I am standing in the Prime Minister’s constituency to highlight the unfairness of UK national elections and referendums.

We unrepresented people have vital interests in Brexit & the UK’s future.   Elections and referendums without us just aren’t legitimate. Like the suffragettes before us, we deserve a say in our own lives.

   ► Don’t vote for me.  Press other candidates to pledge to right this wrong.

   ► Cherish your vote.  When you cast it, think of us 7 million people without a voice, and of our future.

Aim of the campaign

Standing for election when you can't vote piques the interest.  

   ► My hope is the mainstream media will pick up and publicise the injustice. Perhaps then it will be remedied. 

   ► With so many unjustly excluded, it will be recognised that the 2016 Brexit referendum result is far from indicating of the will of the people of Britain.

Use of funds

I estimate my campaign may cost as much as £2500 (including the lost deposit!). I seek £2000 towards these expenses.  Any excess over expenditure will be donated to British in Europe and the3million.

Restrictions on donations

During elections, only registered UK electors (including those registered overseas) can donate more than £50 to a candidate.  I will be embarassed if anyone gives this much!  If any donations above £50 are received, the law requires me to check your eligibility to donate.

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