Help Sara get her life back

by Help Sara and the kids in England, United Kingdom

Help Sara get her life back

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To raise as much as possible to help my good friend in an impossible situation.

by Help Sara and the kids in England, United Kingdom

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Sarah, Jacob and Sonny

Sara has two children with profound disabilities, including Autism, ADHD, OCD, tourets, and severe anxiety with suicidal idealisation. They are both being failed by their schools, so they are home from school a lot, and one can't be in school at all. She has OCD, Autism, ADHD, and ME and suffers from anxiety.   

Almost four years ago, her husband ran up over £10K worth of debt and around £7K's worth of benefit debt. This is after financially abusing her since the start of their living together, and he would take her debit card and not let her have any money unless she asked for some. He borrowed money in her name without her knowing and hid all the debt from her right up until the day he left her for another woman. Never looking back, he continued to put debt in her name, even after he left her. Due to her condition and the fact she is the children's only caregiver, she just carried on trying to keep the kids calm. Right up till when the mortgage company came asking for all the arrears gathered during the lockdown. Yes, he had gone 2 years and not paid a penny on anything. So she had to go to court and beg and plead to keep her home. They ordered that she repay all his debt and keep paying the mortgage. He did not respond to the letters and moved around to avoid being found. This meant that she was going to have to find this money. Unable to work, caring for two children with high-level needs, and in a deep pit of anxiety, she pays out more than she is entitled to on universal credit. He refuses to pay child maintenance, just job hops to avoid it. He owes his children almost 5K in missed payments. So, she goes without the basics to ensure the roof over her head isn't removed.

I took this week off to help her decorate her home as she saw him everywhere, in the marks on the walls, the scuffs on the paintwork, the broken furniture. He wasn't just abusing her financially. She can't use parts of her home at all as he lives like the ghost of PTSD rent-free. As I was sanding back the walls and filling in the divets, parts of the wall started to fall in, exposing a lintel on an internal made of 2 x 2 timber on a load-bearing wall. At this point, I realised the true extent of her problems. If this house falls into disrepair, she is up the creek with no paddle in sight. With no money and no clue how to fix this, I asked Tiktok for help; wow, I was blown away!! The support and care for Sara and her two kiddos was amazing. So many of you said to set up a crowdfund and get donations, so I did. If you have made it this far, thank you so much. There are 45 thousand of you who follow me. If you all give £1, screw it. If half of you gave £1, we would have enough to fix her house and divorce him. Thank you so much for all your support. If you can't give, please share, follow, and like everything. Social media is amazing, and you never know if one of your family or friends might want to help.

All my subs and gifts will go into this fund until the end of the count down. we need enough to get her sorted. 

Thank you again for coming along with us.  

To maintain the families' privacy, we can't share photos until it is all over and the divorce is over. But as soon as it is ready, we will share the lot. 


Every £5 will get you one entry, you can have multiple entries with no limit. 

All funds go to helping Sara and anything left over will then help other women and children get the help they need.

Everyone who shares one any of my videos about Sara, and types the word SHARE in the comments will get a free entry. So if you donate and share you double your chances of winning. 

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If we hit £15,000 I will shave my head a live. 

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