Ditton Minors FC Community Defibrillators!

by Ditton Minors FC in Ditton, England, United Kingdom

Ditton Minors FC Community Defibrillators!


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We want to deploy additional public access defibrillators in our local community! Just one shock from an AED increases your chances by 5x!

by Ditton Minors FC in Ditton, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 27th August 2021 we'd raised £1,625 with 46 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

DMFC Defibrillator Campaign

Following recent events including Christian Eriksen suffering a cardiac arrest during the Euro 2020 competition, this highlighted the importance of having easy and quick access to a defibrillator and the importance of them. 


As a club, we are proud that each of our teams has at least 1 qualified first aider who is trained to deliver lifesaving CPR should any player need it.  All of our grounds have emergency response plans in place with information regarding details including the location of the nearest defibrillator. 


Did you know?

The average response time for an Ambulance in the UK for a category 1 (life threatening) call, is between 7 and 8 minutes.  Times between a 999 call to defibrillation by an ambulance crew is over 10 minutes

The chance of survival of having a cardiac arrest outside of hospital is just 10.8%.

However, by administering just ONE shock of a defibrillator in the first 7 minutes of a cardiac arrest, that survival rate increases by over 5 times to 57.1%.

One shock administered within the first 1 minute of a collapse, the survival rate goes up to almost 90%.  One shock within the first 3-5 minutes increases the survival rate to around 74%!

One day, it could be you that needs an AED.

 Over 100,000 people die of a cardiac arrest each year.

What are Ditton Minors doing about this?

At some of our grounds, the nearest defibrillator is over 300 metres away.  We want to improve that, not only for our players – but also for the local community too. 

We’re asking for your help, to donate to our Crowdfunding campaign to place Defibrillators at as many of our grounds as we can (including public access cabinets, secured by a code which is obtained via the 999 operator to prevent vandalism).  With many of our grounds being at Schools, this provides a vital piece of equipment that unfortunately not all schools can afford.  This equipment saves lives day in day out, it could be you one day.

You can donate as much or as little as you want, every little helps! 

Now imagine the impact we can have, if you encourage your friends and family to support our campaign too! 



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