by Jacob Pearson in Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom


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To fund an exciting 3rd year film which breaks away of the stereotypical superhero genre. Focuses on learning disorders.

by Jacob Pearson in Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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In a world inhabited by people with supernatural abilities, one must overcome a world against him. 



Plot Summary:

Teri is born into a world of powers

5 different colours represent each power

Each colour represents class going from:
 Green > Blue > Purple > Pink > Orange.

Born Orange, Teri is seen as the lowest of the low experiencing prejudice and bullying. 

Eventually, Teri is pushed to the edge and forced to discover his inner strength.

After the world sees this, their hatred turns to fear

Teri uses his power to save the person who caused him the most pain.







Test Footage:




Crew Bios:



Jacob Pearson a year 3 Film Student at Falmouth University With a broad range of experience in Horror, Commercial , Narrative and Experimental Filmmaking. 

The project is personal to me. The Initial idea is a human story about judgmental and underestimation and self believe in those that are different.

Breaking away from the typical superhero genre. Creating a colourful film with meaning. 

I’m looking forwards to working with the amazing crew I have.



I am an aspiring writer, director, and producer. I have released one short film titled “Glub Glub”, and a second one titled “Psyche” is currently in post-production. I am excited to assist Jacob as his Producer on this project. I think everyone loves a good action, Sci-fi movie, and it’s a genre I have yet to try my hand at making. I thus found Jacob’s offer an enticing opportunity to gain valuable first-hand experience.



I am a cinematographer who has worked on a short film, "Nautilus", which I also wrote and directed. Intrigued by the premise of Disillusion, an alternative take on the superhero genre, I am excited to work closely with Jacob and the other crew members and utilise my precise attention to detail to craft a unique visual style for the film.’

Production Designer: 


I am a production designer who has worked on two films, Off Key and Down On Your Knees You Don’t Look So Tall, making and dressing the sets and some props. I enjoy a challenge and feel that this script provides it and I look forward to working with the rest of the crew to make something great.

1st AD: 


I am an aspiring writer director. Who has directed two projects to date. 'Lurker' which has been released and 'Self-Portrait' which is currently in post production. When I approached Jacob about being a part of this film, I was looking for an ambitious project that I could challenge myself on as an Assistant Director. With 'Disillusion' I got just that. Tackling interesting themes as the title suggests, the script is great, with plenty of moments that will translate brilliantly onto screen. I am very much looking forward to working on this project with such an amazing crew on this film!


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