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by DISC Dementia Louise Emma in Hastings, England, United Kingdom

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DISC Dementia Support (Dementia Information & Support Courses CIC) are a free service that runs dementia support groups, sessions & courses.

by DISC Dementia Louise Emma in Hastings, England, United Kingdom

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On the 2nd March 2021 we'd raised £90 with 6 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

1610451674_91065558_633634130819496_4368258971581022208_o.jpgFrom the very beginning DISC was service user focused. It had been requested and named by carers and Louise and Emma have ensured that at every stage carer’s input has been sought to ensure that DISC is meeting their needs. Every penny donated to DISC goes towards our groups, sessions and all running costs.

Louise and Emma decided upon DISC being a CIC because they wanted to ensure it would be a not for-profit organisation, with all resources going back into directly supporting carers but, they would still be able to pay themselves a salary. Louise, Emma and May intend to pay themselves a reasonable wage but they do not have any form of Directors package or any bonus payment scheme. They will be the only paid staff of DISC and between them cover every duty from marketing to service delivery however, they will buy in specialist services for payroll and accounts from the local CVA. 


What we offer:

  • We are currently operating online via Zoom, social media and calls due to COVID-19. Usually we meet face-to-face for groups and courses but our clients safety is our priority.

• We have an open referral system that allows carers to self-refer or allow other professionals, friends or family to refer to us.

• Developing and delivering a series of carer information courses called the DISC courses. They will consist of four levels and will cover all of the information needs that carers will have from what Dementia actually is and its symptoms and effects, all the way through to transitioning a loved one into residential care, end of life planning and how to transition into life after a caring role has ended.

• Providing online and telephone support to ensure that outside of peer support groups carers can still access advice and support when needed. 

• Supporting carers to develop their own peer support networks and facilitating these where needed.

• Supporting carers from the initial point of diagnosis all the way through their journey until their caring role ends. We will ensure that we support them to transition into the next stage of their lives.

• We will host a series of regular workshops and networking events open to both carers and professionals that will allow people to make connections and to access the support and services that are available. 

• DISC is committed to not charging carers for any of its services as Emma and Louise are very aware that at a time of financial hardship for many people, paying for a support service is beyond their means and is a real barrier to them being able to access the vital support and information that they need.



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£10 or more

Free Calender! (Dogs of DISC 2022)

We are creating our own calender for 2022 to bring some happiness! It will feature all the dogs that are owned by the clients of DISC!

£1 or more

£1 = 1 x Pack of biscuits for one of our groups

When we are running our face- to- face groups, courses and information sessions we supply refreshments, so biscuits are needed to go with a cup of tea or coffee! If you donate £1 you will provide this for one of our groups!

£5 or more

£5= 1 x Large bag of tea bags for our groups!

Tea is always needed at our support groups, information sessions and courses! If you donate £5 you will provide this for one of our groups!

£15 or more

1 staff members monthly phone bill

Here at DISC Emma & Louise both have work mobile phones so we are able to be in contact with all of our clients 24/7 and we are able to do this from your kind donations! £15 will pay for one month of one work mobile phone usage.

£30 or more

Emma & Louise's work phones are paid for a month!

Our phones are used constantly and it's the best way to connect with our clients and carers that need our support ready and available 24/7. This would pay them both for one month which is so so helpful.

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