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by Bobs Salt Store in Barton Le Clay, England, United Kingdom

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I want to raise £60,000 to develop a new range of natural and organic products and salt treatment rooms.

by Bobs Salt Store in Barton Le Clay, England, United Kingdom

My Story

I don't expect money for anything hence the range of thank you rewards. I have worked hard for three plus years developing my products, understanding the products and understanding how it can help people. We all seem to suffer more with stress, mental fatigue, depression or other symptoms. Our teenagers are more impacted with a mental issue that never existed in my day and the elderly are being ravished by dementia and other issues. We cannot take medicines for everything so I m constantly looking at ways to natural and organic products to help ease the symptoms.

I am someone who suffered a spinal injury, cancer, and heart condition. I have to deal with pain every day and pain be a real drain on people physically and mentally. Everything we do is for the eventual benefit of those who suffer from ailments that can be dramatically impacted by using natural salt products.

I got into Himalayan salt products because a friend gifted us one as my daughter was chronically ill with asthma and eczema. Her allergies ruled her life meaning she could not go near any animals and used her inhalers constantly.  Within 9 weeks of putting her lamp on, I had my daughter back and now 3.5 years on she doesn't use her inhaler at all and no skin issues and she only gets a slight reaction to pets of which we now have 3 dogs and 6 guinea pigs. 

I have spent a lot of time researching salt lamps and the properties they have and I now own a small salt mine in Pakistan in partnership with a colleague out there and we make & import 22 tons of salt approximately every 6 weeks. I visit the mine every 6-8 weeks to look at any new ways of using the salt to help with pain relief such as arthritis, swollen joints, back pains and more. 

Pain relief and management

Pain can be such a disability in itself so as a sufferer myself I am also looking at new ways to be pain-free using natural and organic methods. Bathing is Himalayan Bath Crystals can help ease muscles and give short term relief but we are developing a new range of elasticated belts which are embedded with 500g of salt crystals. Heated in the microwave and then worn around the back, knees, elbows or wrists they allow may allow the user longer-term pain relief.

What have we achieved to date

We now give work to 42 team members in Pakistan and 12 craftsmen in Lahore. The team has utilized a lot of the raw materials from the mine and the region to build homes and cabins to live in whilst working at the work. We mine in a mine that causes no damage to the land or earth within it as we go through the natural veins and nothing else. The mine will be in existence for many more 100s of millions of year after we have gone

Impacting Asthma, Eczema, and allergies from air pollution.

I know what the salt lamps did for my daughter and I want to now create more specifically designed lamps to help people with COPD, lung disease and asthma and allergy control. The lamps can help with all soft of airborne allergies, asthma, COPD and also help those who are suffering from mental help issues such as anxiety and depression as they are very calming so I want to raise money to support a project to developing calm areas within schools and other centers that have specialised needs. Our new factory can produce 40 tons of lamps a month and it is from a sustainable source.


Dementia is robbing us of our mums and dads at an alarming rate. Salt lamps do nothing for the condition but what they can do is simply to create a very effective night light, bring a calming glow to the home and help with sleep. By placing a lamp in the bedroom and the living room it can bring a lovely calm and peacefulness to the home.

Salt Treatment Therapy Room

With the money raised, I can create a purpose-built salt room for those people that need treatment and do not have the money to afford it. Once the rooms are built we can allow any of the hospices or care facilities located around us to bring their patients to the rooms for free if it will help them have a more peaceful life or what life they have left.

Autism and ADHD

It is well known that children with Autism and ADHD find the lamps calming and relaxing. If we raise this money we can help our schools and health centers to create a calm room or well-being rooms that pupils impacted by these issues can use it somewhere to go when they get upset or frustrated.


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is an umbrella term used to describe progressive lung diseases. We have had some fantastic success with customers that have been diagnosed with COPD who have shared their story with and how the fact they have placed a salt lamp in their homes has helped to ease their breathlessness and allow them to sleep better and in turn feel better. Salt lamps are now one of the ranges of products we will make specifically for this group of customers.

The lamps will be designed to allow a person placed there face inside the specially designed face mask and feel the impact of breathing in and out through the lamp for 15 minutes each day or maximum of twice a day. The rest of the day it will sit on the counter or table as you normally with any salt lamp. 

Anxious pets

Pets such as cats and dogs suffer from anxiety and stress just like us humans do and I want to create a range of products that can be used to support pets with anxiety. 

Natural & organic approach.

Organic and natural products are growing in demand and cutting down on medication and taking a more natural and organic approach will enable us all to live better lives. Salt lamps and any salt based product does not cure anything but they can be a fantastic aid to enable people to get a calming and relaxed environment wherever they are. With the money raised, I can also make our own edible range of salts, cooking stones and spa range.

We have received many great reviews on social media. #bobssaltstore

Reviews on Facebook will show how well our products are received

Emma Reid wrote:

This little shop is wonderful and Bob is fantastic. Thank you so much for all the friendly information you had given me, I have my two lamps and will probably be back next week to buy another three smaller ones!! Really good quality �

Hazel Trenwith wrote:

Fantastic place with a lovely atmosphere. The owner Bob was very welcoming, knowledgable and helpful. I love my lamp so much definitely going back again. If there was a 10☆ I would give it


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£60 or more

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£60 Reward

For your support, you will receive 1 bedroom lamp and 1 living room lamp for your living room. They will come with all cables and bulbs required plus full care instruction. You will also receive a salt bar for your body.

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£10 Reward

We will send a digital coupon to the value of £10 that you can use our web site at any time to buy products or as part payment for a more expensive product.

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£15 Reward of a small salt lamp

You will receive a small salt lamp which is for a bedroom, study or kitchen. This will include the cable and bulb plus care instruction and postage is included.

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£30 Reward

You will receive 1 of our bedroom lamps with all cables and bulbs plus full care instructions plus a salt bar for your feet

£40 or more

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£40 Reward

You will receive a larger living room in the most beautiful ambient colours. You will receive 2 bulbs and cables to make it work and postage is included to anywhere in the UK and you will also receive 2 salt bar for your body as a cleanser and a natural salt deodorant.

£100 or more

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£100 Reward

This is a fantastic set of 5 lamps which is 3 bedroom sizes, one living room lamp and a crafted lamp which you plan place anywhere in your home as a feature lamp.

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