Desperately Need Money for a Solicitor!!

by Miss Taylor in London, England, United Kingdom

Desperately Need Money for a Solicitor!!

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I am trying to raise money to help my Mum, who NEEDS a solicitor to get what she DESERVES from this divorce!

by Miss Taylor in London, England, United Kingdom

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On the 14th August 2020 we'd raised £240 with 5 supporters in 35 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

I am raising money to help my Mum, who is going through a very rough time at the moment. She has experienced 30 years of domestic abuse (my Brother and I were unaware of this), and at the end of May 2018 my father attacked my Mum in front of me. I jumped in to defend her and got hurt myself, and I am now left with a scar.

My father was taken away by the police and sentenced 5 months later. Unfortunately he only received a two year suspended sentence. He also received an indefinite restraining order to stay away from my Mum & I. Even though he is no longer living in the marital home, he was still suposed to pay for half the mortgage and bills. Recently we have found out that, that is not the case. This came to light when a bailiff came to the door (luckily no one answered the door and he just left a letter detailing the amount owed and how to contact him) The bills have not been paid properly since last year, racking up debts into the thousands. My Mum is in her sixties and has never been in debt which is why my father has done this to hurt her, but you think he would still pay as my Brother and I live in the house also. So if anything happened it would affect us too. But no, as long as he can hurt my Mum, my Brother and I are collateral damage. 

My Mum doesn't work as she was medically retired due to a stroke she had over 10 years ago (she was retired at that time, that's just how long ago it was). On top of the issues she received from the stroke my Mum has had back and hip problems since she was young, and is classed as disabled. The stroke did not help. So all she receives money wise is her work pension and PIP. My Brother and I help in any way we can; but he is studying and working part time, and I am unwell with a chronic condition and not able to work at the moment. So we don't have the money needed to help either. So we are scraping by.

Due to everything that has happened my parents are going through a divorce, but because this is the last bit of control my dad has over my Mum he is going to milk it for all it's worth, which includes a lot of legal fees. The divorce process was started in January 2019 by my Mum, but because it wasn't what my dad wanted to do it never went anywhere...Then in about October 2019 my dad now decides to divorce my Mum as now he is in control! 

Managed to get some legal help from the local Women's Centre; but after using the money my Mum had saved for a new car and borrowing some from relatives and friends there is nothing left... 

My Mum and I went to the first court hearing in February 2020 thinking that we could do this on our own after doing a lot of research since we just couldn't afford a solicitor. But after the first meeting and getting some legal advice we now realise that we cannot do this without professional legal help. 

We have found a solicitor that we know will be able to help, my Mum just can't afford her. So I started thinking of ways to raise money and I thought maybe I could find some help here? 

We all just want this to be over with, so the healing process can finally begin! But due to lack of funds (among other things) unfortunately it is being dragged out a lot longer than it needs to be...which is affecting the mental health of my Mum, my Brother and myself...

Please, any donation made will be immensely appreciated (you have no idea how much!), thank you so, so very much.

You may have noticed I have not used any names, this is NOT to protect my father this is to protect my Mum. Which is also why I have not used any pictures. But I guarantee you this story is 100% true and I am 100% a real person in desperate need of help! Just call me Miss Taylor, and you can message me if you have any questions; I will reply ASAP!


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