Designing Futures for Women and LGBTQ+ People

by Studio Lutalica in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Empower women & LGBTQ+ people through design. Help Studio Lutalica implement a fundraising strategy to offer impactful pro bono services.

by Studio Lutalica in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Help Us Design a Brighter Future for Women and Queer Communities!

🌟 Welcome to Studio Lutalica's next chapter as a Community Interest Company (CIC)! 🌟

In these challenging times, our mission to amplify feminist and queer initiatives is more vital than ever. With your support, we can expand our impact, empower more voices, and challenge inequality through powerful, inclusive design. Our decision to convert to a CIC was driven by a desire to formalise our commitment to our community by legally putting all of our assets and profits back into LGBTQ+ and feminist groups.

Who We Are

We are Studio Lutalica, a dynamic team of creatives united by a mission to innovate and advocate through design. Our work is driven by a deep understanding of the communities we serve, ensuring that every project not only speaks but resonates loudly and clearly. Our portfolio is a testament to the transformative power of design when it's wielded by those who live the experiences it seeks to change.

Support Our Mission to Empower Marginalised Voices

At Studio Lutalica, we are dedicated to amplifying the voices of feminist and LGBTQ+ organisations through professional design services. To create a sustainable framework for our future pro bono work, we need your support.

What We’re Asking For

🎯 Our Goal: £13,330 🎯

🤩 Stretch Goal: 32,680 🤩

These funds are essential for us to establish a sustainable infrastructure that will enable us to continue providing specialised support to feminist and queer projects. This includes employing talented creatives, harnessing cutting-edge tools, and developing robust strategies to offer our services effectively and sustainably.

Fundraising Milestones and How We’ll Use the Funds

Milestone 1: £13,330

  • Develop a Fundraising Strategy: £6,850
    • Implement a comprehensive fundraising strategy to secure ongoing support and resources.
  • Secure Essential Tools: £6,480
    • Invest in tools like Google Workspace, Slack Pro, and Productive to enhance our efficiency and capacity.

Milestone 2: £4,350

  • Organise a Strategic Retreat: £4,350
    • Bring our core team together to align on goals and strategies, ensuring we remain focused and effective.

Milestone 3: £15,000

  • Hire a Part-Time Fundraising and Communications Assistant: £15,000
    • Expand our team to boost outreach and engagement, allowing us to support more organisations.

The Impact of Your Support

Your donations are setting up a sustainable framework that will enable us to provide ongoing support to high-impact organisations with limited resources. By contributing, you help us:

  • Expand Our Reach: Support more organisations like ILGA World and Womankind Worldwide, whose digital presence we’ve transformed, resulting in increased engagement and community support.
  • Empower Through Design: Take on urgent and impactful projects, directly influencing the visibility and effectiveness of crucial feminist and queer initiatives.
  • Sustain Our Impact: Ensure that finances are never a barrier to essential advocacy by maintaining and expanding our pro bono work.

Together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable world through the power of design. Thank you for your support!

Can’t Donate Right Now? No Worries! Here’s How You Can Still Make a Huge Impact:

  • Help us spread the word! Help us amplify our voice by sharing our campaign and our successes.
  • Collaborate with Us: Bring your next project to life with Studio Lutalica. Whether it’s a branding project, redesigning your website, or innovative print design solutions, our work not only meets, but exceeds expectations. Plus, enjoy a 10% discount on projects led by women and/or LGBTQ+ individuals.

📬 Let’s start a conversation! Contact us at [email protected] or through our website’s contact form to discuss how we can work together for a cause that matters.

Could Your Organisation Benefit from Working with Studio Lutalica? 

Are you a charity or organisation striving for feminist or queer rights and inclusion? If our crowdfunding is successful, we'll be looking for organisations to pilot our new pro bono model. 

Interested in being part of this transformative journey? Fill out our Interest Form and share details about your mission and needs. We’re eager to learn how we can help amplify your work.


What is the problem that Studio Lutalica solves?

Mainstream design agencies often lack a nuanced understanding of the issues faced by feminist and LGBTQ+ communities. We're here to redress that balance and promote equity. Studio Lutalica addresses the gap in accessible and inclusive design services for feminist and LGBTQ+ organisations. Good design and a strong web presence are essential for making an impact today. We provide professional design solutions that amplify the voices and visibility of these communities, helping them challenge inequalities and promote social justice.

Why should I donate to a design studio?

Your donation supports our mission to create a more inclusive world through design. Activism and advocacy are at the heart of everything we do. We work with feminist and LGBTQ+ organisations to amplify their voices and visibility, offering professional design services that help them make a bigger impact. By donating, you enable us to set sustainable foundations to offer pro bono work, develop innovative projects, and support communities in challenging inequalities and promoting social justice. Your contribution fuels positive change and empowers those who need it most.

How do you measure impact?

Currently, we measure impact through client feedback. Our clients consistently praise our collaborative approach and the tangible benefits of our services. For example, InterPride noted, "Studio Lutalica transformed our organisation’s digital presence overnight," and Womankind Worldwide shared, "We have a client-supplier relationship, but it hasn't really felt like that kind of thing at all." These testimonials highlight how the work we do contributes to and supports feminist and LGBTQ+ communities. 

Part of the fundraising strategy we are raising funds for will also help us better define our impact, which may also include understanding key metrics (e.g. web engagement, SEO performance, donations raised, etc.).

Do you pay your creatives for pro-bono work?

Yes, we always pay our freelance creatives and in-house staff fairly, including interns. Everyone at Studio Lutalica is paid above the London Living Wage, and we never let anyone work for free. This is a core principle at Lutalica.

Will you still charge for your services?

Yes, we will continue to offer our paid services (including our standard 10% discount on all projects founded by or aimed to support women and LGBTQ+ people). Although converting to a non-profit CIC has opened us up to some grant opportunities, the majority of our services will carry on as they previously were.

What if you only get some of the money?

If we only raise part of our target, we’ll prioritise the goals in the order listed above. This means focusing first on developing a fundraising strategy and securing essential tools. Any additional funds will then be allocated to the strategic retreat and hiring a part-time fundraising and communication assistant.

What do you mean by pro-bono?

Pro-bono means providing our design services for free to selected feminist and LGBTQ+ organisations. It doesn’t mean that our creative team will work for free though! Our goal is to fund this work through a combination of charitable and independent sources, the exact nature of which will depend on our fundraising strategy, which is what we’re raising money for. This allows these groups to benefit from high-quality professional design without the financial burden, helping them to achieve their missions more effectively.

How will you decide who gets pro-bono support? 

The short answer is: it's a work in progress! At the moment, we are planning to set up an award, which we would ask organisations to apply to. The eligibility and criteria for selection will need to be worked out — and that's why a strategic retreat is so important and is next on the list of our crowdfunding goals.

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