Demand real scrutiny of Brexit!

by European Movement UK in London, England, United Kingdom

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The impact of this hard Brexit is far-reaching and we need real scrutiny – before it’s too late. Support the campaign!

by European Movement UK in London, England, United Kingdom

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Catherine E. Tudgay 9th July 2021

It's a disgrace that the EU citizens are not welcomed here for all their contributions to our country, both practical and cultural. They should have the opportunity to continue living here.

laura 8th July 2021

The government are racist little brittons who have pulled up the drawbridge being them.i hope they get treated as badly as they treat others

James 8th July 2021

Many people seem unaware of the massive damage that is being done by Brexit. This is partly because of the highly partisan British tabloid press (especially the Mail, Express and Sun, and also the Telegraph), which dissembles and frequently lies about Brexit and it’s effects. The government too is trying hard not to tell the truth. Proper scrutiny of Brexit is therefore crucially important.

Michaela Forder 8th July 2021

I am a European from Germany but have lived in UK longer than in my country of birth... Unfortunately since the Brexit vote I have witnessed increased divisions and hostility. Its so sad and utterly unnecessary. I wish I could feel at home in UK again but feel more and more alienated and disillusioned. I am right behind demanding real scrutinity of Brexit. Please support.

Leonard Smith 7th July 2021

We will eventually lose so many good workers. How Petel can push through this amendment when her own parents were immigrants, and they did well. She has a very short memory or a very strange and nasty attitude

John Corrie 7th July 2021

Clearly the Tories loathe Europe and will do whatever it takes to punish people for their nationality. In other cases, it would be called racism

Martin Clive Tapper 7th July 2021

As an ex-tory voter I am must declare being appalled and disgusted by the degenerate "morality" of this administration. I am a self-employed businessman and the Tory party has always met my personal ambitions, but this government has not principles, not vision, and no ability. I refuse to be governed by incompetent, greedy, stupid people.

katharine wright 7th July 2021

The more vicious we are to those from other countries, we are fostering and encouraging violence / terrorism against us. Be decent and foster goodwill. Priti Patel only does the opposite.

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