Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy (Parkinson's)

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To get a book published to raise funds for Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy which can lengthen lives and secure an improved way of living.

by Deep Brain Stimulation in Perth and Kinross, United Kingdom

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Andrew's Story

Parkinson's disease is a vile condition that robs sufferers of their dignity along with their self-esteem and self-worth. Usually, it affects the older generations but in Andrews case, it appeared at the age of thirty.

“ I noticed a growing tremor in my left hand and as a teacher this was tricky.” Most pupils were kind but one or two were far from it.

A friend in London was the first of his friends to hear about Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). Andrew went out to Grenoble in France where there is a world leading hospital specialising in DBS to investigate the possibility of having the operation there.  It was not long before he was having holes drilled into his skull and back in England, his condition was much improved.

In 2005 he got married to Caroline and for a short while they were eachother's carers. Sadly, their happiness was,nt to last.

Caroline was diagnosed with cancer in 2010, the usual treatments would not work and in 2016 Caroline died. Andrew was understandably devastated. He was now living on his own coping with his condition.

As a cricket and fishing man, he used lockdown to collate a wonderful book that will give succour to other Parkinsonians and their families to bring support to them.

The book is a compilation of hundreds of quotes and sayings written by famous people and unknown people. Some are humourouse and others deep and meaningful, Robert Bruce Lockhart to Sir Harry Lauder to The Times.

Fishing is one of the largest sports and hobbies and Andrew is one of those keen fisherpeople. This book reaches out to all ages and backgrounds and will in some way touch the reader with an insight to what others have thought whilst fishing.

The printing and marketing costs are £5,850 and the sales and marketing costs are £5,000 with much of this work being done for cost. Andrew wants a percentage of the book to support and inspire others to undergo DBS, after all, DBS changed Andrews life.

The book will be hardback with a dust jacket full colour and in many ways informative for non fisher folk and fisher folk alike.


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