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Our Patient Support Service provides much needed support and vital information to patients affected by devastating resistant infections

by Antibiotic Research UK in United Kingdom

New stretch target

Increase the capacity of our Patient Support Service so that we can help and support even more patients and loved ones affected by resistant infections

Over the past 18 months, the world has experienced the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on all our lives and the essential role that science and education has had on tackling this. 


Antibiotic resistance, where bacteria have evolved ways that mean antibiotics no longer work, is not a new problem and yet it looks set be the next global health disaster within a generation

Each year resistant infections are killing 700,000 people and by 2050 this is projected to reach 10 million if the situation doesn't improve.

There is an alarming trend across the UK of antibiotic infections on the rise. Modern medicine has been built upon reliable antibiotics and healthcare would look very different in a world without them. It would impact surgery, cancer treatment and an array of other medical treatments.


Behind these statistics are people who are living in fear of resistant infections- The fear of not knowing if the antibiotics they rely on to stay well will continue to work. The scary part is that ANYONE can be affected - female, male, young or old. 

The impact of antibiotic resistant infections is both physical and mental and yet despite the increase in people being affected, there is still a lack of knowledge and support for patients who find themselves facing this chronic diagnosis. 

By the time many patients find our Patient Support Service, they are in a desperate situation, often living with pain, not being able to properly explain the situation to loved ones and ultimately not knowing what the future holds for them. 


Our Patient Support Service is a beacon in the darkness for many people who have struggled facing the uncertainty and often pain that comes with living with resistant infections. Since our service launched in 2019 we have 

- Provided 1295 individual support sessions to people living with antibiotic resistant infections

- Launched a secure online community forum for patients to share their experiences

- Launched 'Ask ANTRUK' - part of the Patient Support Service it is a place on our website where visitors can ask questions about antibiotic resistance. We have had 163,873 views over the last year

Demand for the service has surged since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as individuals suffering resistant infection and the wider public have sought trusted advice, support and counselling in relation to secondary bacterial infection, vaccination whilst on antibiotics and antibiotic resistance in general. 

1633527594_1633527600993.jpegNina is no stranger to medical issues, having been ill 9 years ago and having her gallbladder removed she has since undergone 8 further operations as a results of complications and has developed a resistant infection which means she needs to take antibiotics for the rest of her life.

"I was admitted to hospital as an emergency with fever and infection, but doctors could not find the root cause. I was treated with intravenous antibiotics for 4 days for septicaemia and sent home with oral antibiotics. However I learned this would probably now happen on a regular basis, so I had to expect to come into hospital whenever it happened". 

"In the beginning when I was given the antibiotics, I didn't have very much information or answers to my many questions. It's been such a relief to speak to Arlene (Antibiotic Research UK's Patient Support Officer) who understands. Some of my closest friends don't even understand what's happening with me"


There are many, many more people like Nina and Mary who need support to deal with their diagnosis, but our funds are limited. This last year has seen the volume of monthly enquiries to our Patient Support Service increase five-fold. We want to be there for more people who have nowhere else to go. But we need your help. 

£10 could pay for a 15 minute patient support telephone call

£20 could pay for a 30 minute Zoom group support session

£30 could pay for a member of our Patient Support team to give a 45 minute talk to a community group

£250 could help someone like Nina to rebuild their life, empowering them through individual support and advice sessions

£500 could help 25 people just like Mary, and their families overcome the fear and confusion of their diagnosis through virtual support and information by funding our helpline and video support sessions.

Your support can provide hope and relief to people in desperation.

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