Dear God, Show Me Your Mercy

by Miram Salih in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

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The fund is aimed at helping two young women get back on track with their lives, God willing.

by Miram Salih in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

I was raised as a girl, sister, and daughter to be a woman in a society where I always told the prophet Mohamed hadeeth, “An honourable man treats women with honour and integrity, and only a vile and dishonourable man humiliates and degrades women. However, since April 2023, I have seen women as weapons and a sample of paramilitary Rapid Support Force (RSF) defeats. The majority of women and girls, and some of my neighbour's women,, are being either raped or kidnapped by the RSF in the centre of Sudan. We were a bit lucky to get the chance to be deported to another village, Adweem. It took us 10 hours to reach the city by boat. it was a dangerous journey, but it was worth it to save our dignity. Living with the fear of getting raped and bringing shame to our families is a constant thought we carry. Sometimes thinking of killing ourselves does not work either as this leads to philosophical and religious arguments. We have never thought of leaving our country or living away from our family but is a journey we must take to save our dignity and to tell people about what is going on with people who have always lived a simple life in Sudan. We feel like we have never existed, and we are forgotten by Islamic world, by the African continent and by the world.  We have been struggling finically through all of our lives but we had the chance to work to sustain ourselves and our family as well and also donate some money regularly today we are asking other people who can afford to help us even if it is only one pound it will help us to leave the country to start to continue our education in another country and become a productive member in that society. 

 Roaa Hatem needs  £2000 pounds to leave the country and move to Saudi Arabia to look for a job there.  

Nahal Sabr needs £2000. She is a nursing student at Abldeatif Hamed University ; she will also move to Saudi Arabia to find a job as well.  

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