Cutlery and Keys | A hub for food,music and talent

by Daniel Comer in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Cutlery and Keys | A hub for food,music and talent

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Create jobs, engage the community, support local talent, promote sustainability, ensure inclusivity, and give back through charity.

by Daniel Comer in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Growing up in South Yorkshire, where many areas face economic challenges, I began my professional journey at the age of 16, working at Marks and Spencers in their café. During this time, I witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by those close to me. My best friend often found himself homeless, and I offered my support by providing shelter or assisting him in navigating local resources.

Later, as a supervisor at a roof cleaning company, I encountered colleagues grappling with various issues. One struggled with a history of run-ins with the law and periods of incarceration, while another battled alcoholism. Despite their challenges, we formed strong bonds, but tragically, one succumbed to alcoholism.


Throughout my life, I've been passionate about theater and music, which have proven transformative for individuals facing mental health difficulties. I vividly remember a friend who attempted suicide but found solace and renewal through involvement in rehearsals. Witnessing the power of music to positively impact lives has been a recurring theme for me.

More recently, I've observed the struggles of individuals with food allergies and intolerances who often struggle to find suitable cuisine. With my culinary skills, I recognise the opportunity to address this gap and provide inclusive dining experiences.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated challenges in the hospitality industry, particularly in Doncaster. Now more than ever, there's a pressing need for upskilling and job opportunities to revitalise the community and support those affected by the economic downturn.

In essence, my experiences and observations have instilled in me a deep desire to make a difference. Whether it's through providing support to the homeless, offering a listening ear to those battling addiction, or creating inclusive spaces through culinary endeavors, I am committed to contributing positively to my community and beyond.


Cutlery & Keys is committed to multifaceted community enrichment. Beyond job creation, community engagement, talent support, sustainability, inclusivity, charity, and substance abuse assistance, we also want to prioritise education. We aim provide mentorship and training opportunities for individuals aspiring to enter the hospitality and music industries. Through workshops, internships, apprenticeships, and partnerships with educational institutions, we will empower budding talents with practical skills, industry insights, and networking opportunities. By nurturing the next generation of hospitality and music professionals, we not only enrich our business but also contribute to the long-term vitality of these vibrant cultural sectors.

With your help we can make this a reality. 

Your help will fuel critical aspects of our growth strategy, including signage, platform creation, initial stock, marketing efforts, and staffing wages. Together, we'll elevate the dining experience, foster community connections, and drive sustainable practices forward.


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