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by Croy Community Hub in Kilsyth, Scotland, United Kingdom

Croy Community Hub

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It is the aim of the group, through community asset transfer, to secure the vacant NHS Clinic for restoration into a Community Based Hub.

by Croy Community Hub in Kilsyth, Scotland, United Kingdom

Thank you for taking the time to visit our Crowdfunding page;

Who are we!

Croy Community Hub, an independent community company set up from like minded people with various backgrounds and skills who have come together to secure ownership of a former NHS Clinic, deemed surplus to requirements and now vacated by the NHS, with the main outcome to use the building as a community hub in the village of Croy, North Lanarkshire.

Initial progress!

Looking back over the last 9 months, from the initial steering group till today, the group have come along way and have already completed a number of successful outcomes and projects, in partnership with other local community groups and organizations, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the hub has been essential in ensuring there was a common base for the ability to provide provisions such as food parcels, support and advice, access to the village credit union as well as many other tasks which were able to be completed by the volunteers of the groups involved. Something which will be required long term as the pandemic and lock-down continues and the recovery from that begins, as well the nation now entering a recession.

Having secured through the pandemic, a license to occupy the building for use, we have set about cleaning and making good as best we can the areas suitable for use, to allow us to continue to use the building for our own community projects, continue to provide security for the local village credit union, as well as opening up as much space to facilitate other local groups


  • Above is a selection of images showing our work and efforts so far.

Our Current Plans!

It’s now our plan having submitted our application for ownership from the NHS, to take a phased approach to carrying out the necessary repairs and to explore the funding avenues available to us, something which is time consuming and involves a lot of paperwork (with it already known to us that no funds are currently available for the purchase or repair of the asset itself) That’s where the Crowdfunder comes in.

 We have set up the Crowdfunder to allow everyone to contribute what they can, wherever they are, as well as to help raise awareness of our project, its goals and to help direct people to where to go to find out more information about the project and what support is available to the people in the area moving forward. This can all be found using our website address;

To allow us to continue to open the doors, to help cover the basic costs of insurance, utilities, immediate repairs as well as unexpected costs, the Crowdfunder and offline fundraising efforts are key to our immediate success and to help cover our overheads.


  • Above is a selection of images showing repairs that will still be required initially.

The End Goal!

It’s the end goal of the project to have finally secured ownership of the building permanently from the NHS, for the ever-changing needs of the local area. With all repairs completed, modernising done and fresh kerb appeal to keep the only suitable building in the village available for community use as well as attractive for the village and its surrounding neighbours.

  • We are happy to discuss with anyone interested, the ongoing project, the developments as well our plans and would also welcome contact from anyone who feels they can help us achieve our desired outcome.
  • Thank you for taking the time to have visited our crowdfunding page today, we hope you a great day and continue to stay safe and well, during this life changing year of "2020".

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