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On 15th December 2016 we successfully raised £6,335 with 222 supporters in 28 days

Our aim is to bring our ambitious pirate film to life. Crimson is a unique film set in 18th century China, about female pirates.

by Amber Ryder in Bournemouth

 New stretch target

Thank you so much to every single person that has donated so far, we are humbled by your support as we have now reached our first funding target of £6200!!

We have now opened our stretch target goal of £7000, so please share around our link and we still have a long way to go to reach the entire budget of £14,000 that we need it total.

Our deepest thanks. From the Crimson team! 

Crimson is an alternative pirate film set in Guangdong in the late 18th Century China and follows Captain Crimson on her ventures aboard the TianFei ship. Our film is loosely inspired by the true story of the famous female pirate Ching Shih, who was the most powerful pirate of all time. Crimson is a story of an ambitious prostitute that escapes her brothel to become captain of a pirate fleet, but is forced to leave her daughter behind. Our film celebrates motherhood and women, an ageless story that women from every era recognise.  We have created  powerful strong female characters where two sisters come face to face in a battle for the right of a child.


We are a crew of young ambitious filmmakers that are working together to make Crimson the exciting unique film it can be. All departments, including production department, cinematography, production design, costume design, editing, as well as sound design, are collaboratively working hard to bring all of our creative visions for the film together. We aim to bring a well developed and uniquely creative film from script to screen to show our full potential as filmmakers trying to break into the industry. 

Producer - Amber Ryder

Amber Ryder is an ambitious filmmaker that strives for success and is working to bring all of the head of departments of Crimson together, to make the film the true achievement she believes it can be. Having had professional experience in front of and behind the camera, from commercials to feature films alike, Amber has the producing experience and true passion for the project needed to bring Crimson to life.


Director -  Dorothy Kay

Dorothy Kay  has always thrived in telling stories through visual formats, with film being her medium of choice. She has spent the last four years refining her skills at BFS and LLC. With professional experience in Ealing studios working along side Oscar winning Art Director Martin Childs and casting assisting for Kinnear Cast. Dorothy’s background in photography and Art Direction mean that her films ooze with visual consideration. Her stories focus on women, with a strong belief that film is a powerful tool to educate viewers in contemporary issues.


Director of Photography - Cordelia Lawler

Cordelia Lawler is an aspiring cinematographer and fashion photographer with a diverse portfolio and industry experience including time spent on the set of Star Wars VIII. Her work is characterised by an intimate, spontaneous and feminine approach. She is delighted to be taking on such an ambitious project about this fascinating piece of history.

Production Designer - Chloe Brown

Chloe Brown  is a production designer with a keen interest and commitment to  bringing historical and geographical accuracy to the screen in a creative and engaging way. Having already been involved in films that have gone on to be selected for Edinburgh Fringe Festival and London Film Festival, she is determined to help Crimson on its way to success by making the designs as intricate and dramatic as the story itself.

Editor and Sound Designer - Jodie Stedman

Jodie Stedman is a talented young editor and sound designer who aspires to become a Foley Artist. Jodie has already accrued a vast range of industry experience including working on an upcoming terrestrial television drama ‘Ghetto Heaven’, which goes into full production June 2017. In addition to this Jodie was a key part of the recording and editing of the audio drama ‘The Orphans’ which is supported by the Nerdy Show podcast network.

1st Assistant Director - Karol Cybulski

Karol Cybulski is Crimson's 1st AD and colourist. After starting her career at the BFI Film Academy, she has built up 5 years of both on and off set experience. Working professionally as a freelance colourist, she has crafted the final look of everything from short TV series' to avant-garde fashion films, and has everything it takes to make Crimson come to life.


Sound Recordist - Declan Galpin

Declan Galpin is Crimson's head of sound, he has a background in music and has had experience with the BFI in their film academy. He has worked mostly in short independent and student films and has much on set sound experience. Declan has a particular passion for foley artistry and cannot wait to sink into the world of Crimson.


Costume Designer - Sarah Barker

Sarah Barker is an aspiring costume designer specialising in Costume for Screen. She will be one of a team, designing for the short pirate film, Crimson. Sarah’s credits include her experience working on previous costume student productions, and designing for actors whose credits include the TV mini-series, ‘Henry VIII and His Six Wives’, and the Bafta nominated film, ‘The Danish Girl’. She will utilise her skills in sourcing and designing when creating authentic 18th Century clothing for the characters in Crimson.


Costume Designer - Laura Boseley 

Laura Boseley is a costume designer specialising in Costume for Screen, with her sourcing and designs being showcased in short films starring actors from award winning films, such as ‘The Danish Girl’. Her background in textiles and psychology, alongside her historical accuracy means her designs encapsulate her characters in every way.

Visual Effects Team - (Left to right) Maris Stekels, Justin Fracis-Mcleish, Henry Medhurst, Alex Wareham, Jenzel Tom, Tom Cheshire, Jessica Sendall

The Crimson visual effects team has worked on multiple professional and student films over the past two years. Comprised of a broad range of skills and backgrounds, the aim of the VFX team will be developing large scale environments to take Crimson from on set in 21st Century England to 19th Century China. The team will also build on the work of the production design team, by further modifying sets with digital props.

Historical & Cultural Advisor and Researcher, and Associate Producer - Chi Ching

One of our biggest plans for Crimson is production design. We are aiming to build an extravagant set which will be an 18th centaury Chinese brothel. Our production designer Chloe has made some exciting designs of her ideal set that she and her team would like to build by hand, if they have the money to do so.  


Another of our key plans and highlights of the film is that we want to hire a pirate ship to shoot on. Our ambition is to shoot on the leading ship provider for films in the UK, the Tall Ship Phoenix in Charlestown; but being a famous ship that has been the home to some huge films, such as Peter Pan, this does not come without a price. We would love to raise enough money to fulfill our wishes to hire this ship to bring the true genre of pirates to our film. 



Our budget breakdown has a large proportion that goes toward production design, which will help us build our set. Other key factors the money we need will go into include hiring actors, hiring equipment, as well locations. We also have some budget put towards an armourer too, as we want to make our dramatic sword fight scene between the two sisters as safe and realistic as possible, with genuine replica Chinese swords.







To bring this project to life, we need you. Your kind donations will go a long way in helping us take the next stepping stone to get Crimson sailing into production. Collaborating with us will mean that you have played a huge part in the making of this film. We will be forever grateful for your help in supporting not only the film, but our futures as aspiring filmmakers.

Thank you.


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