Cricket for Equality

by Connecting Clubs International in Biratnagar

Cricket for Equality
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Cricket for Equality is helping communities in Nepal use sport as a way of addressing gender equality issues. Together we will drive change.

by Connecting Clubs International in Biratnagar

Why is gender equality important for Nepal?

Inflexible and rigid gender stereotypes exist in Nepal today that are causing a number of social issues across the country. These stereotypes are facilitating gender violence and a number of related issues. Gender based violence in Nepal is causing social and economic injustice for the women of the country and our project aims to address the roots of this issue through an innovative and community led sport for development project. 

What is this project?

Cricket for Equality is Connecting Clubs International's inaugural project. We have partnered with Horizon Cricket Academy in Biratnagar, Nepal, to develop a gender equality education programme based around the global sport of cricket. 

How will sport help gender equality?

We realise that sport has the power to deliver messages and values in a way that no other activity can. Sport brings together people from across the globe to share common values and promote cooperation, teamwork and equality. 

Who is involved?

Connecting Clubs International is a small UK based non-for-profit. We have partnered with the Horizon Cricket Academy in Nepal. Together we are working to strengthen cricket in the region. Our gender equality experts, both from the UK and from Nepal, will utilise the strong community club to engage with people about social issues, both locally and nationally. 

During one ten-day project, our experts will travel to Biratnagar to train locals in their cricketing skills, bringing together all levels of the community through this to create productive conversations about gender equality. 

Where will your money go?

At the centre of this project is a desire to improve cricket in Biratnagar to a point where they are able to become a focus for the community and a place where people meet to talk, learn, and teach. To do so, we need to improve the standard of coaching, equipment and health and saftey materials. Of our £6000 target, £2,500 will go directly on equipment and other sporting materials. 

£3,500 will be used to mobilise our global experts - We are sending two qualified cricket coaches from the UK to Nepal to work with the Horizon cricket academy and share best practice, train female coaches and provide a training programme for the future. We will also provide travel for our Nepali gender equality expert to travel to and from Biratnagar. 

How sustainable is this project?

We aim to run the programme twice on the first round of funding and all of our cricket coaches from the UK will be going as volunteers. We are working to partner with cricket clubs in the UK and Europe, who are pledging to raise a small amount money each year to make this project self sustaining. This will ensure that the cricket in Nepal flourishes and that it becomes a force for good in the community.  

We hope that this gives clarity to our project and enables you to make an informed decision on whether or not to fund our project. Please feel free to message us if you have any question.

We would like to stress that this crowdfunder is in addition to numerous other fundraising efforts by the Connecting Clubs International team. Your donation to this crowfunder will help enormously with our overall aspirations for the project.  

Thank you.  


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