Creating joyful intergenerational friendships

by The Together Project CIO in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


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To create more joyful intergenerational experiences with a focus on fun and friendship in 2022.

by The Together Project CIO in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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This project offered rewards

£10 or more

Colourful scarves

£10 buys a set of colourful scarves for everyone at a Songs & Smiles session to play a game of peekaboo or wave in the air in time to music! The scarves are tactile and provide a sensory experience.

£15 or more

Egg shakers

£15 buys enough egg shakers for everyone at a Songs & Smiles session to join in. Egg shakers are easy to hold percussion instruments which encourage group participation and can be incorporated into almost any music and movement activity!

£40 or more

Friendship folders

£40 buys 20 care home residents a Crafting Connections 'Friendship Folder' to store their young friend's artwork in, building a treasured collection month-by-month.

£50 or more

Set of wooden claves

£50 buys enough wooden claves for everyone at a Songs & Smiles session to make a noise! They're solid wood and deliver a bright, pleasant tone - a fun, easy way to develop a sense of rhythm!

£80 or more

A year's supply of bubbles

£80 buys a bubble machine and a year's supply of bubble mixture for a care home. Bubbles are both eye catching and slow moving so they're a great way to develop visual skills - fix, follow, track, focus, converge and diverge. Everyone loves bubbles!

£120 or more

Crafting Connection packs

£120 buys 30 care homes a Crafting Connections pack, including arts, crafts and activity sheets. A creative way for older people in care homes to link up with children and parents/guardians, celebrating the simple, restorative power of human connection.

£240 or more

Songs & Smiles starter kit

£240 buys a joy-inducing Songs & Smiles kit for a care home/assisted living scheme, containing everything from instruments and a speaker, to shakers and a bubble machine!

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