'Crave' short film

by Jack Martin Murray Birrell in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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In this psychological drama short film, follow the viscously tender and twisted story of a daughter and her delusional escape to freedom.

by Jack Martin Murray Birrell in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Any additional funds this project gets will be donated to the Linda Tremble Foundation, operating  across in Scotland, that provides support and awareness to people struggling with eating disorders.   

Over the course of 6 months, our Napier University student lead team has been deep into the creative and logistical planning of this short psychological drama film, that tells the story of a strange and disturbing mother and daughter dynamic. Throughout the past several months the crew have been working towards creating a  film that questions and comments on the present issues in society regarding toxic body image and the psychological and physical harm this has caused over different generations.  

TW: Mention and themes of eating disorders, body dysmorphia and references of abuse. 


Sam has just left high school and has been dumped by her boyfriend. In response to hearing the news Sam's mother, Ella, offers a solution to her situation- get prettier. Ella, inspired by a slimming ad from Facebook implements a strict low-calorie, slimming diet onto a helpless and isolated Sam. From here Sam grows hungrier, in the solitude of her room, and one night decides to sneak into the kitchen for some food but instead finds the deceased carcass of a rat. Something tells her to keep it and she hides it in her room. As the diet continues and her body changes Sam becomes more and more obsessed with the idea of living a feral and careless life of a rat, free to eat whatever and finally escape the grasp of her mother. Turning to her subconscious and dead rat for answers Sam learns to accept the tender and anamorphic act needed for her transformation to freedom and happiness.       


"The representations of body images, model campaigns, slimming world ads, beauty 'standards', and campaigns pushed out through social media and reality TV has lead to our society becoming so appearance and body obsessed. This is something that has never sat right with me. Through the media of film, one of the biggest and mainstream critics of body image and beauty expectations, I want to turn it on it's own head and create a film in which frames differently prior beauty representations to instead represent the harmful and toxic influences that can lead to serious mental and physical disorders.  With these issues of society's obsession with beauty, slimness, and external, and sometimes internal, pressures and exaggerated expectations set out by people, Crave aims to ask these touchy questions and issues in a way that doesn't hide from the toxicity of standards yet keeping a thoughtful representation of the struggles of body image, dysmorphia and eating related disorders. I want, along side the amazing crew of this film, Crave to be able to shed a light on the self destructive internal and harmful and influential external pressures that can lead to an unhealthy and possibly destructive outcome that i feel society have opted to accept, and at times, revert to silence."


This film will be our final graduate film for Edinburgh Napier University in association with Screen Academy Scotland. We are starting this project off with little to no funding secured, therefore we kindly ask if you could support us, wether that be a smaller or larger amount or eve just sharing this page. The money you do contribute will go towards the cost for set build materials, costume, prosthetics, fair pay for our actors, transportation of equipment and production design materials, catering, additional equipment, festival entry costs and much more! We really couldn't do this film without all your love and support, thank you.  

TW: Fake blood and fake body parts. 














If you or anyone you know is in need of support or want information regarding any of the mentioned issues visit or give a call to these local helplines:


Tel. 08088010432- BEAT Scotland 



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