Air pollution monitoring in Crystal Palace

by tomchance in London, England, United Kingdom

Air pollution monitoring in Crystal Palace
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Sign up to measure air pollution at a Crystal Palace location of your choice, repeating a project we did in 2014.

by tomchance in London, England, United Kingdom

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How this will work

If you select a reward and donate £15 or £30 you can sponsor a location, and specify your preferred location in your comment. Take a look at the comments tab to check if your location is already covered. I will personally pay for one on Harold Road and one by Rockmount School.

The location needs to be somewhere you can strap a diffusion tube, like a lamppost, ideally about 2m high and not too far from the road.

I don't guarantee the precise location, and if people donate for locations very close together I'll choose some other useful locations.

You can also just donate any amount without the reward and I will select a good location, including repeating locations monitored in 2014.


In July 2014 the local Green Party measured Nitrogen Dioxide levels around Crystal Palace as a citizen science project, to find out how polluted our roads are. The five boroughs do very little monitoring of our roads. All our main roads were well over the legal limit, and pollution on the Parade was similar to the filthy air on the Strand! You can see the map here - everything over 30 is definitely unhealthy, and over 40 is over the legal limit.

We used the results to lobby TfL to switch all our bus routes to hybrid buses, because buses are responsible for around a fifth of the pollution locally. But sadly both Boris Johnson and Sadiq Khan have dragged their feet. We also wanted councils to take steps to reduce traffic to clean up our toxic air.

Now, after lockdown, traffic has risen by 20% across outer London and we're seeing the effects here. So I'm going to measure the pollution levels again.

If you'd like to measure the pollution levels at a location near you, donate here and leave the location in a comment. I'll bulk buy the materials, let you know when I'm putting the tubes up if you want to help, and share the results.

The cost of each location is for two diffusion tubes, clips and straps, and a portion of the postage cost. I'll buy them from Staffordshire Council, which will analyse the results for us. I buy two to improve the accuracy, taking the average of both. We put the tubes up for one month, and find out the average pollution concentrations over that period. I plan to do the monitoring in October/ November, depending on shipping and my availability.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£15 or more

One location monitored

Cost to add one more monitoring location with two tubes.

£30 or more

Two locations monitored

Make sure you mention the locations!

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