CoVisor: Mass-Produced Face Shields for the NHS

by Sam Lanyon in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

CoVisor: Mass-Produced Face Shields for the NHS
We did it
On 18th May 2020 we successfully raised £15,380 with 287 supporters in 40 days

To mass-produce face shields in Cornwall to help protect as many healthcare workers against COVID-19 as possible.

by Sam Lanyon in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Thank you for helping us to reach our initial target! Now we are aiming higher to increase production to 2,000 units a day.

For our stretch target we're working to manufacture and ship even more face shields out to healthcare workers in Cornwall and further afield. Once we've met all of Cornwall's needs, we are aiming to supply healthcare workers across the UK. If we outstrip demand, we will donate additional stock to who distribute PPE donations to the country as a whole.

We've also had requests from the NHS in Cornwall for other essential protective equipment, so we're also going to use some of your donations to supply additional kit including protective gowns, which we're able to source at a crazily good price through an international shipping agent. Thank you!


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The Project

We are a non-profit team mass-producing protective face shields for healthcare workers in Cornwall. With your support our CoVisor project will allow all healthcare staff in Cornwall to have access to face shields either at cost price or for free.

When Covid-19 hit the UK, like lots of makers across the country, we started 3D printing face shields to donate to our local doctors & healthcare workers. However we quickly realised that as it can take several hours to 3D print one face shield, and as those printed shields are not able to be cleaned for reuse, that we needed to look at a way to mass-produce a version that can be easily cleaned and reused if necessary.

The Project is a collaboration between Concept Shed & Dufort Associates, brought together by 3D printing company 3D Kernow CIC, to develop an injection moulded face shield that we can mass-produce here in Cornwall. We developed the design with input from Cornwall's NHS Staff and will be able to produce 1000 shields a day, to protect our healthcare workers across Cornwall and beyond. We are aiming to increase production to over 2,500 shields a day to meet the high level of demand. We have been inundated with enquiries and had recieved requests for 1,700 units before production had started.




How We're Helping

There is a shortage of face shields to protect our NHS and care staff against COVID-19. This Crowdfunder is raising funds to support the manufacture of thousands of our face shields, here in Cornwall, to supply at cost price to organisations who are able to pay, or for free to organisations such as hospitals who are unable to buy them.

We are already working on our next face shield version for use in Intensive Care Units, and are aiming towards doubling our overall production in a week. Your support will help us to achieve this and to equip as many healthcare staff as possible; helping them to save lives and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

We are making the design of our injection mouldable face shield Open Source and freely available to everyone, so that other manufacturers anywhere in the World can mass-produce them to meet the huge global demand. The CoVisor is inspired by the Prusa (you guys are amazing) open source 3D printed face shields and designed for high volume production.




Who We Are



Sam Lanyon

Sam is an engineer and designer. He has twenty years’ experience working on unusual & innovative projects, including designing products for the NHS & healthcare sector. His work has been featured all over the world; from BBC Dragon’s Den to international tech magazines.



Shawn Brown

Shawn is an award-winning engineer, inventor & YouTuber. He uses his expertise in designing & building unique things to promote science, engineering and invention to young people on the Kids Invent Stuff YouTube channel.



Francis Dufort

Francis is a designer with over 40 years’ experience in industrial design and manufacturing. He founded the product design & development company Dufort Associates in 1997, specialising in design prototyping and offering in-house manufacturing facilities; including injection moulding equipment.


Louis Turner

Louis is the founder of 3D Kernow CIC providing 3D printer education and services in Cornwall. It was Louis that brought about the start of CoVisor, receiving the first request for a face shields and making introductions. Louis was previously Chief Executive of the Asia-Pacific Technology Network.

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