Covid-19 Clent Community Support Group

by Holly Alice in Clent, England, United Kingdom

Covid-19 Clent Community Support Group

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Our aim is to support our community to the full, ensuring that no body is left isolated or feels vulnerable regardless of circumstance.

by Holly Alice in Clent, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

The extra money will be used to fund long term projects beyond the COVID-19 crisis. These projects will ensure all members of our community are well connected, have access to technology and know how to ask for help if needed. 

As the pandemic broke and with lock down imminent, a group of volunteers met in St Leonard's Church with one aim in mind - to support our community. 

In unprecedented times, our aim has and always will be to ensure that no member of our community is left feeling isolated or vulnerable. We are very pleased to say we have made great strides in recent weeks. We have a well stocked store cupboard with regular donations, an active Facebook page with weekly activities, a phone buddying network, a tech borrowing scheme and we have donated textiles to the NHS in support of our key workers. Not to mention the countless individual acts of kindness that take place every day by all members of our community. 

During lockdown we have received several requests for a donations box and residents have very kindly offered volunteers cash donations. We recognise that there are residents within our community that want to help but if unable to leave their homes, a financial donation is the most efficient form of support. 

We are extremely grateful for the generosity of our community but in line with government guidelines, we are reluctant to handle cash at this time. Therefore we have set up a Crowdfunding page where residents may donate to the community. This fund will have one purpose, to serve the residents of Clent in the best possible way. 

Lockdown will eventually end, and as a community we will enter into a post-COVID age. No one really knows what this is going to look like and we are committed to ensuring the longevity of this group to ensure long term support for our residents. Your donations will be used to secure valuable resources during this crisis and beyond. For that we are extremely grateful. 

Many thanks, 

Covid-19 Clent Community Support Group

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