Court & Legal Cost with Insulate Britain

by Gloucestershire CR in Stroud, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Court & Legal Cost with Insulate Britain
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On 3rd October 2022 we successfully raised £4,982 with 57 supporters in 42 days

Support those being fined & given court costs for demanding that no-one in this country should have to chose between heating & eating.

by Gloucestershire CR in Stroud, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

In September and October, Insulate Britain made headlines as they repeatedly took peaceful direct action on the M25, demanding the UK government start insulating our home, making them fit and cheap to live in, starting with social housing.  As well as helping the most vulnerable, insulation is also a positive step towards addressing the climate crisis as heating our homes accounts for 17% of CO2 emissions which is more than from petrol and diesel traffic!  

Even 12 months ago, before the cost of living crisis, many were already having to choose between heating and eating and many thousands suffered cold lonely deaths in homes they couldn't keep warm. The cost of living crisis has made the situation many, many times worse and it is now universally recognised that we need to Insulate Britain!

Five people from Gloucestershire took part in the Insulate Britain campaign even though they knew they would face legal consequences! They are ordinary people who recognised a huge injustice and stepped forward to demand it stop and now face costs that could total over £50,000. 

Don't let Steve, Marguerite, Val, Nat and Andrew pay the price on their own, please donate what you can. 

All funds raised will be used for court fines and costs, and if there is any money left over this will be donated to Fuel Poverty Action. 

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