Coronavirus Key-worker protection

by Paul Rumble in St. Leonards On Sea, England, United Kingdom

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To offer a free car sanitisation "Fogging" service to keyworkers worried about transferring coronavirus to their families at home.

by Paul Rumble in St. Leonards On Sea, England, United Kingdom

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On the 8th June 2020 we'd raised £505 with 18 supporters in 55 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

The Solution

Traditional deep cleaning of your car is time-consuming and not designed to sanitise, “Fogging” is where a chemical disinfectant is atomised into near-invisible droplets, sometimes visible as a fog, which can then fill every nook and cranny of the treated area. It takes a few minutes and the vehicle is ready to use immediately after treatment. This gives the key worker peace of mind that all the air and surfaces, hard or soft in the vehicle are now sanitised and better still will be so for a minimum of 5 days and on some surfaces lasting for weeks, the product stays active breaking down any bacteria and viruses as they touch the sanitised surfaces.

The science behind the specialist chemical sanitiser.

We use a specialised chemical available to the trade which kills 99.9999% as opposed to over the counter solutions such as Dettol or similar which only kills 99.9%. Or 99.99% at most. This rating is referred to as a “Log Kill Rating” our disinfectant is Log Kill 6 a grade used in hospital operating theatres and crime scene cleaning through the national academy, the chemical is also renown as an NHS Gold Standard chemical.

Why are we asking for funding?

We have run a few one-day events, offering free car sanitising to keyworkers. Sadly, that is as much as we can afford to do at this time off own backs. We are continuing to receive urgent requests for car sanitisation from keyworkers who are genuinely worried about transferring coronavirus to their home environment.

We as a company believe that this is something the community would be happy to help support.

The chemical we use has always been expensive due to the standards it adheres to and of course like all chemicals of this nature prices have risen as with our PPE costs since the lockdown. 

We would prefer to keep our staff employed rather than furloughed as our staff are keen to play their part, fighting this pandemic, With their skills and our specialist equipment, they know they can make a difference. We just need to help them do it. 

How we will spend the money

In order to offer a FREE service to keyworkers, we will use the funding to pay for the chemical supplies for the fogging machines, PPE and cordons for treatment areas, staff wages and some promotion to get the message out there so we can help as many people as possible. 

The average cost of a day for a team and machines, chemicals, wages and PPE has been calculated at around £450. 

This is what existing recipients of the free service have said so far..

"Wow, that's great ... I'm visiting lots of sick people on their homes (I'm NHS community physio supporting discharges from acute hospitals) then driving in my car to pick kids up from key worker sessions, would love to feel inside of car is cleaner ..... only problem is I'll be at work all Monday till late ... are you hoping to extend this to any other day ... if not don't worry, but it's a lovely thing to do ????????"

Jasmine Cullander

(Psychotherapist - Kent Community NHS Trust)

"Thank you DC Property Maintenance for my car sanitation this morning. Excellent staff and a fantastic offer for us NHS workers. Hope you will be putting future dates on."

Paula Panpzer

(District Nurse)

"As one of the support workers from A1 Quality homecare I would just like to say this is so kind of you to offer this for free I will see you on Monday for mine your fantastic thank you so much."

Michaela Ager-Preston

(A1 Quality Home Care)

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