Don't waste your waste! Before it is too late!

by Mateusz Wojciuk in Cleobury Mortimer, England, United Kingdom

Don't waste your waste! Before it is too late!

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Our aim is to find a use of waste that will be converted into energy. Natural recourses are running out globally, waste is the solution.

by Mateusz Wojciuk in Cleobury Mortimer, England, United Kingdom

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On the 10th June 2020 we'd raised £50 with 7 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

We just can't stop globalisation, consumption and waste production.

Remember this:

Hundreds of millions tonnes of waste, waits for its new Purpose. It is a high calorific Fuel, ready to use as a strictly parameterized Product.


clean cities, recovered waste, recycled materials is not a utopia. However our world is not ideal and most of waste is wasted.

But we are able to do an extremely valuable change in our attitude towards the future. Not towards landfills.

Towards clean air, clean land, clean seas and oceans. 

Before it is too late.


  • We are looking for support to be able to purchase a production line which will be used for generating waste into pellets that can be used as an alternative source of energy. 
  • 1.5kg Pellets is equivalent to 1kg of coal to produce energy - This is a much safer way of producing energy, keeping in mind that coal is a fossil fuel which is non-renewable energy and is harmful for the environment.
  •  By doing this we are helping many factors in the environment:
  • 1. Saving the landfill - which is not the right solution
  • 2. Saving trees to decrease deforestation - Landfill is the second most used waste treatment in the UK, with 24.4% (52.3 million tonnes) of waste disposed of at landfill in 2016
  • 3. Saving the animals which live in these habitats
  • 4. Helping the world towards clean air
  • 5. Helping towards cleaner seas and oceans -  Over 1 million marine animals (including mammals, fish, sharks, turtles, and birds) are killed each year due to plastic debris in the ocean. Currently, it is estimated that there are 100 million tons of plastic in oceans around the world.

What is the alternative?

Use densification technology for SRF or RDF or ASR

Densification technology developed by NPT converts RDF or SRF into fuel. 

This is the product of modern future in industrial use of waste

The most important advantages of pellets are constant parameters like calorific value, moisture content, ash content and chlorine level

The size of pellets can be adjusted for a specific customer's requirements. They can be different, depending on the type of burner or furnace.

We are just a family business which is trying to make a change on this planet - We need this to be done to help the world run in a better way globally - we keep saying "before it's too late" but when are we actually going to do something about it? The answer is NOW!

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