Communication Matters (ISAAC UK Ltd)

ISAAC UK (also known as Communication Matters) is the UK Chapter of the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) which focuses upon the needs of people with complex communication needs who may benefit from Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems to maximise their opportunities and enhance their life.

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We support people of all ages who find it hard to communicate because they have little or no clear speech. 

AAC may be computer-based equipment, tablet apps, communication boards and books using text, symbols, or sign language. Verbal communication can be compromised across all ages and disabilities, for example in cerebral palsy, motor neurone disease or Parkinson’s disease, or in those who have had a brain injury or stroke, or have cognitive impairments, or autism. In 2012 a study commissioned by Communication Matters estimated that 300,000 people in the UK could benefit from using AAC. 

We have an associate membership which includes AAC users, family members and carers, and a range of associated health and education professionals, suppliers, and researchers.

Our Vision: A world where all individuals have a right to a voice through the provision of communication solutions and ongoing support services.

Our Mission: Communication Matters values people who use any form of communication. We promote the individual’s right to participate in all aspects of life by using their most appropriate means of communication to express their thoughts, feelings, needs and desires.

Our Aims:

  • increase awareness about AAC
  • improve service standards
  • encourage AAC research
  • involve AAC users