Fund the future of the UK's Black Community

by Common Call in London, England, United Kingdom

Fund the future of the UK's Black Community

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We are committed to the development of the UK's Black community. We're raising a fund to support Black-led charities and social enterprises!

by Common Call in London, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 27th October 2020 we'd raised £50,432 with 14 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

The UK's first-ever grant fund for Black innovators and change-makers.

Common Call, raised a fund from Paul Hamlyn Foundation, to support Black (and Mixed with Black) social entrepreneurs and change-makers making a difference in their local communities in the UK. We have raised £50K so far and with that, we care providing grants worth between £1K to £3K. We need more.

For this historical fund, we received 478 applications with a total financial request of over £1,000,000. That's way more money than we've got and it's way less than they actually need. We've done the work to choose the best of the best and we're providing them with some financial support, but it would be amazing if we could do even more to help them grow their work and continue to support people for many years to come. You can help.


The difficulties faced by Black-led charitable organisations are exacerbated by realities other racial groups don't typically have to deal with. For example, 

  • Black people are the least likely racial group to have any savings
  • Black people are the most likely to have a household income of less than £400
  • Black people are the most likely to live in the UK's most opportunity and employment deprives areas

That's why we find some Black community leaders are doing everything from spending a lot of their own salaries or getting credit cards and payday loans to keep the doors of their charitable organisations open. That doesn't have to be the case. 


The innovators and change-makers we support are building organisations and doing everything they can to make sure the difficulties individual Black people face across the UK don't have a debilitative effect on their future. We're committed to supporting them as they continue to support others.

In total, the organisations that applied for support from us help millions of people a month, not just Black people. People "living with an income under the poverty line", "people living with disabilities", "refugees and asylum seekers", "people with mental health needs", "young people", "the elderly", "people with long term health conditions", "victims of crime" and so any others. 

We are committed to providing funding, resources, skills and tools to these leaders within the Black community in the UK who are often spending out-of-pocket to keep their charities and social enterprises alive and able to help others. We will empower our grantees to engage actively and beneficially in the communities in which they make an impact.


We're Do it Now Now, a small but mighty team based in London, our work has won awards and recognition from none other than Bill Gates and we've been featured by the World Economic Forum for our take on the effect of COVID on the UK's Black community. It was in response to this reality that we decided to launch Common Call.

We're a social enterprise ourselves, and we know how hard it is to make things happen with little money and little support. That's why we are so pumped about making a difference in this area. As well as the cash, we're providing one year of training to grantees who need to know the type of stuff we had to fight really hard to get access to. We've developed a training program for each of the grantees that will speed up their economic recovery and financial sustainability. There are a lot of things we can do, but very few of them are possible without cash.

Can you help us support the fantastic organisations we have identified? 


We are working with the CoupdfoodAfrica team to bring you the best of the best. Our hampers will contain some of the tastiest treats you probably wouldn't find on your typical grocery shop. 

We are excited to collate the stories of some of the most incredible change-makers in the UK. This e-book will be exactly what you need to inspire you to make a difference in your own world. 


Get a physical copy as well as a digital copy sent to you. You can turn this print into a poster, sticker, placard or pin. This A4 Print can be used for whatever purpose suits your ambition.


Please note that you will only get one of these designs and the design may vary a little from the image above.

Who we are supporting :)

















Please support us in ensuring these fantastic organisations continue to bridge the support gap in underserved communities across the country.


This project offered rewards

£10 or more

Digital "Thank You"

We'll send you a paperless post thank you card to acknowledge your support of Common Call.

£20 or more

eBook - "Just One"

A book of interviews and essays from some of our grantees and other Black changemakers. Find out more about the world each of us is working hard to create.

£30 or more

A4 Print + "Just One" eBook

Get the paper and digital print. "Black History, Black Pride". You can screen print it as a sticker, on a tote bag or anything else you like. Plus the eBook.

£50 or more

Feature (+ A4 Print + eBook)

We want to feature your face on our website and social media to say thank you for being a champion of Black change-makers and innovators.

£100 or more

Personalised Video (+ Digital Print + eBook)

We'll send you a thank you video we've created just for you to thank you for your support.

£200 or more

Sip & Cookin' Virtual Chef-led cooking class

Join a group of like-minded people for an evening of virtual cooking with a fantastic African chef based in the UK. Learn about new cuisines, enjoy a fun evening.

£250 or more

Junior Artisan Hamper (6 items) + Sip & Cookin'

Get the junior hamper. There are some incredibly tasty treats being made by Black chefs across the country and we are going to make and send hampers of them directly to your door. At least 6 full size treats just for you (and maybe your loved ones if you care to share).

£350 or more

Big Boy Artisan Hamper (12 items) + Sip & Cookin'

The Big Boy. Get 12 full-size tasty treats created by Black chefs and artisans making magic in kitchens all across the UK. Expand your culinary horizons with this artisan offering.

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