Come Out Fighting - The Play

by Nick Bamford in Helston, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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The production and South West tour, by What Now Productions, of Come Out Fighting by Nick Bamford - a modern LGBT+ re-imagining of Carmen.

by Nick Bamford in Helston, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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On the 25th November 2022 we'd raised £5,500 with 55 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

If we meet our stretch goal we can take the show to even more venues and further afield. We will also be able to spend more time in the rehearsal room on skills development, allowing the cast and creatives to progress creatively alongside building the play. 

** For transcript of the video, see below.

What Now Productions is a new production company set up in Mullion, Cornwall by writer/director Nick Bamford and writer/actor Richard Curnow.





Nick has extensive previous experience in theatre as well as TV, and there's more about the development of this play here.

--------------------------------- What we want to do ---------------------------------

This project involves the creation and South West tour of the stage version of Come Out Fighting.  This is a small-scale tour - just 4 actors with minimal set and props and keeping costs to a minimum will be an absolute priority.  The theatres we will tour to will be mainly less than 100 seats.

As part of the project we are also applying to FEAST Cornwall and The Arts Council England to raise the funding we will need.

If for whatever reason those applications are not successful we have a plan B option available in the form of creating a short film of the piece which would both publicise the play and provide a 'proof of concept' for the film version . 

Your donation is vital for us in the success of this project.  But if we are unable to raise sufficient additional funds to produce the tour, then this fund we will used to create a film instead. Your donations will 100% be used in the creation of Come Out Fighting one way or another. 

Come Out Fighting began life as a screenplay, and received very positive responses:


The stage version has been thoroughly developed with two readings in Cornwall.

Once we are able to produce the play we will be very keen to take it further afield - in particular to London.  We are exploring possible venues there, and have had some interest already.  

If you can help us get this inaugural production on in the South West, we will do our very best to bring it to you, where ever you are!

**Transcript of the video:

Nick Bamford:

Hello.  What Now Productions  is developing an exciting project here in Cornwall.  It’s a new stage play we’ve been invited to tour in the area, and it covers challenging new territory.

The play is called Come Out Fighting and basically it’s a contemporary gay take on the old story of Carmen – which Bizet made immortal in his opera.  If you think about it, that story is  a story of sex and violence – two men who fight for a living – a soldier + bullfighter - vying for the love of a woman.  But what if all three lovers are men who fight for a living..?

Now it’s not a new idea that some men find violence arousing – look in any war zone for disturbing, distressing evidence of that.  

Nor is it a new idea that people who are abused by their parents struggle to form relationships in later life.

So in my version we have two young, gay soldiers – both of whom had a difficult childhood -  who get involved with a professional boxer.  Mix all those factors together and I think you have the potential for a very explosive love story.

But while Carmen ends in tragedy, my version is ultimately life-affirming – and there are even elements of comedy.

Craig Jones is executive chair of Fighting with Pride, and he’s someone who knows better than most what it was like to serve as a gay man in the armed forces.  He now works tirelessly improving the lot of LGBTQ+ people who are still serving as well as of veterans who suffered so much when it was illegal to be a gay soldier.


Craig Jones:

Hello.  Fighting with Pride would be absolutely thrilled to see Come Out Fighting on the stage.  This is an incredible year for LGBT+ veterans and serving personnel when we’re seeing a government review of what happened under the old policy, to create a better future for our veterans.  The circumstances of serving in the armed forces, I know from my own experience, are unique for LGBT+ people.  And this play shines a spotlight on those circumstances in a terrific way.   So please support this play, as we do, every step of the way.  It would be fantastic to see it on the stage.


Nick Bamford:

Now we have a number of venues interested in taking Come Out Fighting.  But we still need the funding for it, and that’s where you can help us.  If you look on the site you’ll see there are some rewards we can offer you to recognise how important a part of our project you will be if you can support us.  We do hope you can. Thank you very much.



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