CollabPlanet, by innovators for innovators.

by Chloe Boyle in Barnstaple, England, United Kingdom

CollabPlanet, by innovators for innovators.

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We are fundraising to develop the CollabPlanet application. It’s time for a new era of innovation and collaboration amongst students.

by Chloe Boyle in Barnstaple, England, United Kingdom

CollabPlanet is an application built to accelerate international relationships and innovation in sustainable projects among universities and other organisations around the world. An idea generated by university students studying at the University Centre in Northern Devon, who attended an international exchange programme and found a new passion in the environment, for innovation and collaboration. 

Developing and carrying out a collaborative research project provides an opportunity to gain insight into new areas and enhance research that has or is already being conducted elsewhere.  It can broaden horizons and aid in the development of mutually beneficial partnerships with each party (and in our case) contributing to solving global problems.

Collaboration is a part of evolution, it’s in human nature, especially in situations that are complex. Usually, people come together in times of crisis and to stop bad things from happening. This project, like many others we know of, focuses on using collaboration for good. Collaboration begins with people and is vital for firms to survive and to thrive. We can pool our resources, skill sets and curious minds to become more innovative, effective, and efficient. After all, Innovation is the machine that powers the continual transformation of the worlds energy system

Many organisations within the renewables sector say that it is the time for a new evolution, to ‘embrace digitisation’ and use these platforms as a catalyst for collaborative projects. It is no longer a luxury that organisations work on solutions individually. Input and ideas are needed from a variety of sources – whether this is in the adoption of renewable technologies in communities or other installations where the costs of developing projects can be quite high.

As a student of psychology and with a particular interest in behavioural science and renewables, there are many project ideas and research questions that could be investigated.  This project can act as a catalyst for any future research. Alongside the global goal of achieving net zero by the year 2050. 

What does the software include? 

This tool will be designed with collaboration in mind. A modern application with a variety of functions such as a meeting room function with a chat feed, teams can for example, CAD design remotely, students will be able to use a knowledgebase of relevant data and research available for reference, make notes collaboratively with the document writing and a research storage facility. It will also have the additional option of data collection. Researchers can develop and distribute surveys, and similar experiments via the platform. Data is then sent straight to a secure file linked with the project in question. Each project will have its own secure area with protected files, to protect intellectual property, and any patents or copywrite.

Once projects are completed, they can be added to the green innovations map. The map will highlight the projects completed and will show progress towards the global goal. This tool will allow for seamless collaboration between international organisations. The benefits of this tool are the obvious strengthening of international relations/ collaborations by simplifying communication and that it keeps everything ‘in one place’ for researchers.

This first phase of crowdfunding is to fund the set up of the CollabPlanet research and development lab and team. We are raising these funds to recruit the right people for the first phase of business development. 

Please consider supporting us in our efforts to build an innovative, collaborative and sustainable future.

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