Cold Case

by Nathan Raikes in Cardiff, United Kingdom

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To create a highly ambitious student film, which the cast and crew can use as an example of their talents in their respective fields.

by Nathan Raikes in Cardiff, United Kingdom


'Cold Case' is an ambitious fifteen minute short film using comedy and science-fiction to question the notion of the truth of outsiders, as well as the mundanity of over-bureaucratic processes.


Years after her death Devon Baxter is brought back from the dead by the Cold Cases Department to answer questions about the night she murdered her wife Emily. Upon being questioned by her Interviewer and Licensed Necromancer, Devon learns that her perception of the events leading to that night and the perceptions of the people she knew are exceptionally different.

Our aim is to create a comedic short film that is cinematic in its scale and scope and within a very limited amount of time. 

As a student production the team is hoping to raise as much towards the budget as we can to add that extra layer of professionalism to our film. The funds raised will not only go towards purchasing materials for a fantastic futuristic set, props & costumes, as well as making sure cast and crew are fed and watered throughout each shoot day, but also towards the payment of very professional and very talented actors once cast.

Meet The' Cold Case' Team:

1719253591_connor_pic.jpgConnor Charles - Director - Connor is not a BAFTA-nominated film director. Nor is he BAFTA nominated for anything else. Connor’s just a boy looking to meet his BAFTA-nominated film. Will this be the one?  Connor’s aiming for comedy. Or a film that doesn’t indebt him? Who knows. But without your support, Connor will certainly end up stressed and having to go back into therapy (but don’t blame yourselves… seriously don’t). Winner of best film in 2021. Only joking. He’s sh*t mate. Good crew though. Connor’s lasting quote for support: “Let’s hope for drunk aunts and uncles everywhere.”

Connor is an aspiring Director and has been telling stories usually through theatre over the last 15 years, since he joined Llanelli Youth Theatre. Connor went on to Cardiff and Vale College and then onto Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts where he progressed his development taking a keen interest in developing his creative vision. 

Connor is particularly interested in promoting Welsh voices in film, using comedy as a means to bring about a social change by shedding light on the mundane and trivial. To bring joy in the monotony. 

 If you want to find out more about Connor, here is a link to his website that he definitely has updated in the last 2 years…

and his show-reel...


Nathan Raikes - Production Manager - Nathan has previously been involved with 1719257515_1719257514223.jpegnumerous ambitious short film projects, working with incredibly talented directors, award winning production companies & Bafta award winning cinematographers. After stepping away from the production side of the industry to work at the other end of the sector in theatrical exhibition he hopes completing the MA in Production Management will help him steer his career path towards his goal of working in Feature Film and High-End Television Production.

1719338321_1719338320034.jpegSam Evans - Director of Photography - With a degree in Film & Screen Arts from Plymouth University, Sam is an aspiring (and award-winning!) Director of Photography and Director, winning the RTS Devon and Cornwall Student of the Year, as well as him and his team winning again within the RTS Entertainment & Comedy Drama for their film 'More Than Friends', described as "a wonderful example of traditional storytelling, with a very clear beginning, middle and tragic end"

1719391273_1719391273607.jpegAlice Williams - Writer - "Hi, I'm Alice. I've written a few small films such as Out the Back, Roid Steinberg, and Revelation. I for the most part write comedy but thoroughly this enjoyed this project as it has given me the opportunity to write something with a sinister comedic undertone. I hope to write more films similar to this project in the future."

Lewis Arthur - Editor & Graphics/Animation - After completed his BA in Film Studies at the University of West England Lewis gained some experience using the 'Foot in the Door' scheme to become a shadow script supervisor for the Gareth Evans directed 'The Apostle' for Netflix. Lewis decided to complete his MA in Editing as he would like to eventually work for a post-production house, as well as creating his own content for YouTube and other social media channels. Here's a snippet of Lewis's work:

1719256755_1719256753400.pngDan Roberts - Editor & Colourist - A relative newcomer to the field Dan began his studies in film at the Met Film School, earning his Bachelors degree there before relocating to complete his editing MA in Cardiff. By combining his BAs in both Fine Art and filmmaking Dan aims to become a full time Colourist. A relative newcomer to the field Dan Roberts began his studies in film at the Met Film School earning a Bachelors degree there before relocating to do his masters in Cardiff. By combining his BAs in both Fine Art and filmmaking Dan aims to become a full time Colourist

1719257432_1719257431497.jpegWill Dean - Production Designer - Will is halfway through his degree in Design for Performance at Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. "I am eager to lead the art department team for Cold Case." He is passionate for film and even though his experience thus far lies in theatre design, sculptural construction and creating sets for theatre, opera, and fashion editorials, realising plays, musicals, operas and large-scale art installations, Will is eager to lead the art department team for Cold Case. 

The set for this production will be built and rendered at the Llanishen RWCMD Workshops by myself, Bea, Archie, Stan and Roxanne.

1719328808_1719328805492.pngNicole Din – Sound Designer and Sound Editor - Nicole is an English composer, sound designer and editor based in Cardiff. To date, she has worked on sound design for a university radio drama group project ‘Apocoloypse.FM 0.897’ as well as producing sound design and music for installations. Nicole also works with local music artists as a mixing and mastering engineer as well as producing her own show ‘Songtrip’ with South-Wales based community radio station Radio Platfform. Please click the link below head over to Nicole's Soundcloud and experience some excellent compositions.

Nicole Din - Soundcloud

Keep an eye on this space, it will be updated as and when more cast and crew come onboard.

By donating to this project you will be helping a group of talented individuals gain some valuable experience on a film shoot we aim to make as professionally as we can. 

We currently do not have any 'Rewards' but are in discussion about what we could possibly do to make donating to this project a little more exciting! Everyone who does donate will be given a 'Special Thanks' in the credits

Please donate if this project intrigues you, and please share the link to this crowdfunding page wherever can! 

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