CoCo's Crowdfunder

by Lu-Lu Evans in Lewes, England, United Kingdom

CoCo's Crowdfunder

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We hope you can help us raise some money for CoCo's upcoming vet treatment.

by Lu-Lu Evans in Lewes, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Anything extra we raise will go into 'CoCo's fund' - we will use this towards any future treatment she might need and gravy bones.

CoCo's Crowdfunder

As most of you visiting this page are close friends of our fabulous mummy you will already know that we sadly said goodbye to mummy in April after a very short battle with cancer.

The three of us have been muddling through the last few months, trying to make sense of life without her - I'm sure you're all experiencing a similar loss. Mummy was a truly remarkable person, someone that will never be forgotten.

CoCo's Journey

Whilst mummy was in Oxfordshire with her sister, CoCo (her fourth and often favourite baby) was in the care of Rebz who did a fabulous job of looking after her. She had the best holiday with Rebz and looked so well and healthy when we picked her up last month. 

Since picking her up from Rebz last month, the three of us have been taking shared responsibility for her - she's living in Lewes with Lu-Lu, Calum and Albie (their whippet). CoCo has settled in brilliantly and is very happy in her new home.

We recently took her to see Albie's vet for a general checkup as mummy had been quite concerned about a few of her lumps and bumps, not to mention her very smelly breath (CoCo not mummy).

The vet who saw CoCo said she is in great shape and has a happy life ahead of her, however there are a couple of things causing her significant discomfort that need urgent attention.

CoCo has quite bad arthritis, which is common in older whippets - we're hopeful that with some long term medication and regular checkups this won't cause her any further problems.

CoCo also has a couple of very uncomfortable abscesses in her mouth (poor baby), this is unsurprisingly quite painful for her, particularly when she eats. Mummy was aware of this but as CoCo wasn't insured it wasn't something mummy could afford at the time, just before mummy got her diagnosis we had been talking as a family about how we might pay for the treatment. 

That's why we've set up CoCo's Crowdfunder

We're hoping you might be able to help us raise some money for CoCo's vet treatment for her teeth. Unfortunately the treatment is quite expensive and as CoCo is uninsured it's not something the three of us can afford at the moment. 

The full treatment for her teeth will cost £800 - £1,000 (dependent on what they discover - we don't envy the vet who has to dig around in there). The three of us have set aside £300, we're hoping we might be able to raise a bit more via this page. 

Any donations are hugely appreciated and can be made anonymously. 

Thank you so much in advance and we hope to see you all soon for mummy's celebration in Devon (as soon as it is safe to do so).

With all our love,

Alice, Lu-Lu, Hugo and CoCo.


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