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by Leigh Brownlee in Churt, England, United Kingdom

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Clubland is in crisis. We're planning a global dance music event 27-28 Feb 2021 to raise funds for nightclubs in the UK and USA

by Leigh Brownlee in Churt, England, United Kingdom

If you've been involved in the dance music / EDM scene in any way - as a DJ, promoter, event organiser, nightclub owner, or just a smiley-faced clubber - then you know, wherever you are in the World, what a vibrant, loving, special place Clubland is.

But because of COVID, our clubs are now under real threat.

Many venues are facing closure and all those passionate, hard-working individuals who helped us keep 'avin it, 'avin it, 'avin it all these years, are watching their livelihoods disappear.

I've been a DJ on the London dance music scene for 20 years and have promoted a few events too.

I love our community and everything it represents.

So I didn't feel I could just sit by and watch Clubland die.  And so was born....


With my longtime back2back partner, Matt Dahl, and a bunch of other awesome individuals, we are planning to hold a massive, global, online, dance music event on 27-28 February 2021:

  • 12 hours of non-stop dance
  • 10 rooms…
  • 10 dance music genres…
  • 100 DJs…

It's a massive undertaking and needs funds to support it.

Not least because we'd like to be able to pay the people who help us put it on (these are the people we're trying to help, after all!)

We need money to pay for people's time, website development, and advertising.

(We're looking for sponsors too, so if you can help with that, please let us know.)

We're trying to raise £10k - and you may ask, why not just raise £10k and give it to Clubland?

It's a good question.

Here's the answer.

With that £10k, we think we can raise £100k - maybe even more.  So think of it as an investment.

Money raised from UK clubbers will go to the Music Venue Trust, our UK charity partner.

And money raised in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Europe will go to equivalent charities in those locations (we're putting out feelers now).

And don't forget, the majority of the £10k will go to people whose livelihoods have been hit by COVID, so it will be doing a double amount of good.

(Anything left over will be split between the charities.)

We're really passionate about making this as big as possible so please, if Clubland has been good to you, be good to it and put your hand in your pocket!  

Even a quid/dollar/euro will make a difference.

If you can help with organisation / tech support on the night / playing etc please get in touch by emailing [email protected]

Or otherwise see you on the virtual dance floor - oi! oi!

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