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We did it
On 18th March 2014 we successfully raised £686 with 15 supporters in 42 days

Climb Out raises awareness for mental health by promoting outdoor activities. My site and blogs follow my day to day battle with depression.

by climb-out in Hindley Green WN2 4LR

Please watch the above video in full! 

Visit for more insights. The site and other social media say far more than I can below.

The British Mountaineering Council recently showed their support for Climb Out

Climbing out of depression - Jake's Story

You can read the article here


What is Climb Out?

I suffer from severe depression and I found that rock climbing, walking and getting outdoors was a way out for me. My project Climb Out raises awareness for mental health issues. I promote the benefits of outdoor activities by showing my day to day struggle with depression online. Climb Out is already inspiring others to start their own journey. I also support people who use the outdoors already but still need help.

How will your hard earned cash be used?

I have a website which I've funded and created myself.  I have no experience of IT and I have tried my best but the demand is too high. I need a professional designed site to cope with this demand. I also want to start a forum where people can join a community and find help in getting outdoors.

Why should you help Climb Out?

I believe that my project is unique and there is a huge demand for it ... people have followed my journey from the very first time I started climbing and enjoying the outdoors in Feb2013.  The original project was simply a blog for friends, at the time I was suffering from psychotic depression.

Now, less than 12 months later I have lots of blogs, a thriving Facebook page and a website. I am handling my depression so much better, I don't have psychotic episodes any longer. I have some big goals and aspirations for myself and others through Climb Out. Are there many other self publicised projects out there whith such sucess?

Still not convinced? 

  • I started the site after xmas and there have been over 3500 views already.
  • The blog pages have over 4,000 views.
  • The Climb Out Facebook page has risen from 150 - 480 in 6 weeks
  • I have the support of some pro athletes already.
  • Olympic cyclist & Team GB member Kyle Evans supports Climb Out
  • The British Mountaineering Council will be running a news article soon.
  • The Mental Health Foundation just ran an article for Climb Out.
  • Stephen Fry tweeted the cause recently.
  • I am doing a talk on the benefits of the outdoors for Stafford NHS soon.
  • Read Mind's report on getting outdoors and socialising here
  • Read the Nursing times ideas here
  • I am passionate about this cause and spend every minute of my spare time on this. I have no funds and no experience of IT, writing or mental health qualifications but look how far it has grown through enthusiasm and a desire to help others.
  • The BMC have supported Climb Out by running a news article HERE. 


Is this Project only about climbing?

Certainly not ... I want to get people outdoors trying any activity. This could be rock climbing, walking or simply feeding the ducks in your local park. I believe that being outdoors has a profund effect on our mental well being. We start to socialse, we set goals and aspirations. The outdoors helps in all sorts of ways, below are some links to some medical evidence proving that getting outdoors has huge benefits. 

BBC News report           HERE

MIND PDF                        HERE 

NHS Confederation       HERE

The nursing Times        HERE


What plans do I have for the future?

I aim to expand climb Out as much as possible. I have plans for organised walks, cycle days, climbing days. I hope to work with mental health charities and outdoor companies to organise events for free or at reduced rates. I already have some outdoor companies interested. I hope that the Climb Out website can be a portal where people got to find help with activity and wellbeing through an internet forum and various other help. 

I hope to prove that ANYONE can get outdoors regardless of fitness either pysically or mentally. I believe that most people can do some activity, they just need help to realise this. I understand that my chosen activity appears extreme but it proves that it can be done for any acticity. I'm not an athelete I've never really done any sports before climbing.  

What if you want to help but feel you can't pledge?

No problem  ... just reading this is a positive step and is helping create awareness more than you may realise. Tell a friend, visit the various online media or simply just like the Facebook page. Maybe you could join the forum when this project takes off? 

You can visit the site here        

You can visit the blog here                 Climb Out Blog 

You can LIKE the Facebook page     Facebook Page

Maybe you are a web developer, instructor, outdoor enthusiast, mental health professional? Just get in touch maybe you can help.

I would like to thank you for taking your time by reading this and hope that you will support this project in anyway that you feel you can.

Jake McManus  


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£4 or more

£4 Reward

You will be personally thanked for your pledge via the Climb Out Facebook page.

£6 or more

£6 Reward

You will be personally thanked on the Climb Out website and listed as a supporter of the cause and mental health in gerenral

£10 or more

£10 Reward

You will be invited to an organised walk most probably in The Lake District with stunning views. You will also be personally thanked on the Climb Out website.

£40 or more

2 of 1 claimed

£40 Reward

Wideboyz DVD personally signed by pro climber Tom Randall who is a supporter of Climb Out

£400 or more

1 of 1 claimed

£400 Reward

I will personally spend a day Sport Climbing with 1 would be climber in North Wales this summer. We will have a qualified instructor with us and you will receive some bits of climbing gear to start you off.

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